Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen [58] me me

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Stine tagged me with this one, which is actually the 8 things about me meme...but it is more fun to mess things up, so here it is, the Thursday Thirteen version of the said meme:

01. Most people I know don't know I have a blog
02. They actually don't even know what a blog is! and whenever I have tried to explain they think I am talking about a "block" where I take notes...(may I roll my eyes here ?) and that in turns blocks my mind and speech talent!
03. I seldom eat red meat
04. I sleep with ear plugs
05. Although Mr Mar seldom snores
06. I am reading Harry Potter. Currently book number 3
07. Seven is my lucky number
08. I am a miserable not a good cook
09. I married a hobby cook
10. That's why my cooking hasn't improved over the years
11. I drink too much diet coke
12. My blogaversary is coming up
13. Maybe I will still be blogging when I am 95! like this Spanish lady

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  1. I wonder if you use earprops to avoid NightMARes - LOL.

    It's funny, even people working in the Computer Industry do not know what a blog is. I think they are afraid of writing and some even really believe that millions of people will read about them - thier blog. Ha, I ask them: If you can't find my blog, why should millions of people find your blog - if you had one. I can't understand how people can have such high fly thoughts of themselves. Then they find it better to sit passiv watching TV. ja,ja.
    We don't eat much red meat. In fact very seldom.

    By the way, I managed to post on my regular blog this evening. May be it's something for you. The nature in the Norwegian Mountains.

  2. I'm with you on the diet coke addiction, not many people around me know I've got a blog. I haven't given yet the adress to those who *know*. I should.

    Happy TT!!! visit me

  3. blog is unknown in my realm as well. Good T13

  4. I think Stine would be amused with what you did with the tag but it's great and a good idea too.

  5. I agree - a lot of my friends think I am crazy when I talk about my blog. I also have a diet coke addiction - I never leave home without it. LOL

  6. I know blog world is fun and I also have about 10 IRL friends on here too which is very fun.

  7. It's the same here and at home. Blog ??? what's that ! I gave up to explain. I found a lot of hobby cooks here ! Most of our male friends here in Italy are cooking every day !!

  8. The word 'blog' is cropping up all over the place now. It was even scripted into TV show NCIS where they checked a girl's blog during the investigation.

    My mother, who does not have a computer and therefore does not have the internet, doesn't understand email, let alone blogging. She know what my blog looks like, I have sent her a page periodically.

    My workmates know about my blog, and my boss reads it regularly apparently. All my friends know I blog - because they do too!


  9. Dear Mar. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to see how I am. I am so very sorry to hear about your loss too.

    Most people I know don't know about my blog either.

  10. I LOVED learning all these things about you Mar....I find it hard to believe that you are not a good cook...I don't tyhink I ever would have guessed that, though I have no idea why I just assumed you ARE a GREAT Cook! (lol)

    LOVE That that amazing lady is Blogging at 95---I assume that is what the article!

    I eat very very little Red Meat, myself....! Want to come over for dinner, my dear?

  11. Great post

    my 13 is up

  12. I wish everyone didn't know I had a blog. Too many friends and family see it so I have to be very "nice" all the time! And no good gossip! That stinks sometimes! (I sleep with ear plugs too.)

  13. Few people know I keep a blog. It's nice to learn more about you. :)

  14. WOW! I can match up with 1,2,3,4,7,8, and 13! Now WONDER we get along so well! I wish my hubby could cook though... he does WELL on the grill!

  15. Great list. I learned a lot about you!

  16. Most of my friends don't know what a blog is either or why I would even want to write one. Loved your list mar...always entertaining!

  17. Very good list! Most of my friends don't know I blog. Or that I still blog. One asked recently: "Are you still doing your blog?" He had the URL but he preferred to ask me rather than click on it and find out.

  18. I drink too much Diet Coke too, currently the caffeine free version because of nursing. Fun list!

  19. Happy blogaversary! I used to have a bad diet coke habit, I am now cured.

  20. I have friends who don't understand blogs, either. Recently, though a couple of them bookmarked my blogs - because they realized they weren't getting email from me, and it was the only way they would know what was going on in my life!

  21. A lot of Diet Coke addicts, I'm one too! *LOL*
    Thanks for visiting my Mabon TT.

  22. No one in real life knows I have a blog either. I like it that way though.


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