Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen [ 57 ] : happy birthday!

It is his birthday , yes it is. Just today! Happy birthday mr mar !
13 words on September 13th!

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  1. Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch Herr Landsmann !
    You will certainly celebrate today, anyway I have to admit he was a cute toddler and hope he is still cute !
    Yes I have to dig out my italian it became a bit rusty with the time but usually it takes one to two hours and then it's back. The worst is that at the beginning I always speak english and think I am speaking italian !!

  2. Gasp! Creative! I just realized it is September 13 that this TT falls on to, only from your entry. And 13 words instead of a 13 list..woah! I can safely say so far yours have been the most creative TT I've come across. Woohoo!

  3. Very cute and adorable, happy birthday to him :)

    happy TT!

  4. Mr Mar was adorable...! A VERY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR MR. MAR!
    Hope he has a Wonderful day today...and a fine celebration, too!

  5. Happy Birthday, Mr Mar!!

    What a cutie pie he he still so adorable??

    There's photos of us mad re-enactors at the Palace, if you want to see what I look like in kit...



  6. Awwww... Happy birthday, Mr. Mar!

    Very clever idea for a Thirteen. :)

  7. You are sO clever! I trust Mr. Mar is turning MORE than 13!!! He was an adorable baby... I bet he's still a looker!

  8. What a great expression on his sweet little face! Happy Birthday to Mr!

  9. Ah! Happy birthday x millions to Mr Mar!!!!! He was cute already then - and he must be now, after all he is your hubby :-)

    *singing loud*

    *smashing some balloons*

    *opening the Dom I did bring to him*

    *spraying the whole place*

  10. He looks so cute, what is he doing? He looks caught in a christmas tree.

    I like the 13 words idea. You may see me using it.

  11. This looks lieke a photo of mine a long long long time ago :-)

  12. Thanks for visiting my IJmuiden TT. Sorry I'm this late for my return visit!
    Happy (very belated) birthday to mr. mar!


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