Sunday, September 23, 2007

a festival and a blogaversary
Two years ago on Sept 23rd I started to blog in English - my first one in Spanish had only two faithful dear readers (my sis and a good friend) but I wanted to reach outside the family boundaries... And decided the best way to get some instant attention was to participate in Michele's Meet & Greet comment game. But what to post? I thought a local festival was informative and a good start, I will therefore never forget my blogaversary: it is always on the festivities of La Mercé, dedicated to the patron saint of Barcelona, the Virgin of Mercy, who banished a plague of locusts from the city in 1687 and the miracle has been celebrated ever since, a celebration which involves a fabulous assortment of popular Catalan traditions and mythology. The city celebrates by hosting one its largest street party of the year with street music and dancing, fairs, theater, concerts and parades. Firework spectacles light up figures of dragons and iCardsdevils, and gigantic folklore icons of Catalonia ('gegants': see picture above, courtesy of the net) are paraded through the city center, while traditional teams of 'Castellers' build human pyramids. The festival is a way to say goodbye to the summer with a bang, welcoming the cooler months of autumn (information gathered from the net) . Which we are also doing, but from the comfortable quietness of our own little place!

So that's one celebration, which implies that Monday is a holiday in Barcelona. The other one and much more siginificant to me *grin* is the blogaversary/blogiversary (your choice!) . Have some cake, help yourself, thanks for your kind support to this blog of mine, nice to see you here and do come again!


  1. I am so glad to be able to celebrate with you today.

    Happy Blogaversary!

    Michele sent me here to hug you too!

  2. Hey honey :-))

    Happy Blogiversary!!

    [takes slice of cake]

    You are a legend of the blogosphere. I come across your name everywhere, supporting and encouraging bloggers.

    My life would be so empty without you, amongst others. I still smile when I remember our conversations before and after my disastrous skiing attempt! And your enthusiastic attendance at my blog-parties [chuckle]

    [raises glass]

    To Mar - you are queen!


  3. HAPPY HAPPY BLOGESBERSARY, My Dear Mar....Isn't it amazing that two years has gone by since you started this journey! (Mine will be in October & November---too long to explain...LOL)

    Thanks for the cake my dear....I will chomp on this before I turn in for the night...! Have a lovely Happy Celebration, dear Mar....It was a GREAT GREAT Day when I met you!

  4. Oh, happy blogaversery x millions!!!!!

    Yummy cake... Mmmmmm.... I promise to not throw anything of this cake at you - it's too yummy! *giggles*

    You're first comment on my blog was on my PhotoHunt pic of COLD - it was my Goose Pimples:

    "Brrr! going to Gran Canaria next week, I hope to have lots of sunshine! :cool: My pic is up!"

    See already then, you had been an excellent cruiser to have with us :-)

    After that, both you and I have developed a lot as bloggers. You perhaps more than I. I love your posts.

    Funny how I really can see the development in my own blog. If I go back to some of my early posts, I almost get embarrassed of their simplicity.... *giggles*

    Now, I wanna make a toast for many good blogging years to come!

    *opening the Dom* *bang*

    Ohhh, I can't help it, I simply must spray some champagne over the place!!! *giggles*

    Cheers to Mar :-)

  5. Well HAPPY Blogiversary, Dear Mar! I am SO glad you made that decision to share your wonderful self with the rest of us! You are such an important part of my day! Coffee & Mar... you know. And for a moment there, I thought you had actually BOUGHT a cake for the celebration! Until I scrolled just a little further and found that IT TOO was borrowed from the net! DARN! Now I'm thinking... wondering... can I get away with making a cake for MY blogiversary? Or will my family truly have me committed!? hehehe...

  6. Happy Blogaversary... that is some kind of milestone! And the cake does look awfully good!

  7. Happy blogaversary !! As you can see I am back in a "normal" world at least concerning internet connection ! I have never had that since I am blogging ! Not even from Egypt or Turkey. From 1 h Internet I could use maybe 45 min at the beginning and then 15 the last 3 days ! It was awful. We arrived home at 1.30 pm made the trip in two shots of course. Now I have to catch up on all news in blogworld ! It's funny we have in Belgium a lot of geants too for different celebrations in different towns. Probably they took them over from the spanish invadors when they were in Belgium. There are also quite a lot of Belgians who can't deny their spanish origins. I once had a flemish boss, who only spoke flemish and english but had the nice name of De los Santos Gonzalez !!

  8. Hello, Michele sent me. Think this is my first time here and what a great day to visit. Happy Blogaversary!!!!

    Thanks for the cake - it looks really good.

    BTW, my mother's family is from Sevilla!

  9. michelle sent me to say happy 2nd blog birthday

  10. a wonderful many enjoy your blog!

  11. That sounds interesting. I just moved to South Korea and am learning how to relax during the holiday of Chuseok right now. I bet it would be exciting to be there though.

    Hever from Michele's

  12. Happy Blogaversary!! And I'm totally impressed that you have a choice of two languages to blog in.

    Michele sent me here today and I'm glad she did.

  13. Happy Blogaversary!!
    I love this post--I always like hearing about celebrations that I'm unfamiliar with, and those costumes are STUNNING!!

    Now, gimme cake. :) heehee

    Hello, Michele sent me!

  14. I am thrilled that I've been able to e-meet you through your blog, and to get to know you over the past two years.

    Isn't it amazing how this technology makes the world smaller? I feel enriched because I've been able to read your rich perspectives on life in an amazing land. I hope to make it there some day so I can see it first-hand.

    All the best from me - and from Michele. May you have many more years of sharing.

  15. Just came back to say I hope you have had and are still having a lovely Anniversary Day...Did Mr. Mar make you a cake? Well, if he didn't, here is a big dish of Chocolate Ice Cream with Hot Fudge Sauce and a few "wet nuts"...(Do you remember wet nuts??? God! I haven't thought of them in ages and ages....I'm not even sure anyone makes those

    Anyway, dear Mar...HAPPY HAPPY BLOGEVERSARY, and many many more to come.

  16. Many, many congratulations! I haven't even got to one year yet - but not long now.

    I suppose I must have come across yours first from PhotoHunter, I'm not sure now.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and we expect to be celebrating for years to come :)

  17. Congratulations on your Blogiversary! May there be many many more dear Mar. In celebration I am definitely going to award you the Nice Matters award. I honestly thought you had laready been awarded it otherwise you were top of my list! :)

    I am going to upgrade you on my post. Your friendship via blogging has meant a lot to me. I always love reading the kind and thoughtful comments you leave and you have been so supportive to me through my difficult times. Thank you.

  18. Happy blogiversary!
    I'd really like to taste this beautiful cake! It looks so good!
    Why can't I come for this marvelous festival! Zut! If only I didn't work I would in the middle of Barcelona to participe at the festival!
    Champagne Mar!

  19. Saw you were having a blogaversary on Michele's and wanted to come by and say Congrats!

    Two years - that's great! :)

  20. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! You really do have a lovely blog with beautiful pictures and intelligent posts so I am glad you decided to do you live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and it is so nice to learn from you.

  21. Happy blogiversary mar! What a wonderful 2 years it has been.

  22. I don't think that all these good things will last long because Dario already asked to keep something for him, he loves Italian food, lol !
    I spent my night with a purring Rosie, she tried to wash my face all the time. Woke up all 5 min ! She is so happy that I am back, more then the other cats. In not even two months she will have her adult size !

  23. Dear Cruiser, you are MARvellous

  24. Happy, Happy Blogaversary Mar - and thanks for the lovely cake you share with us!

    I feel proud to be counted in as one of your many blog friends and you know I alway loves your reports from Spain!! Thanks for reminding us about the lovely Festival post too - the very best start.

    I've also blogged about two years and since it's hard to learn all people around the world Norwegian, I decided to post in English too:-)

    Like Mrs. Lifecruiser say: Cheers and a toast to you on this very special day!

  25. thanks for stopping by my blog during the weekend I hope you have a nice week of blogging as we move toward 3 years :))

  26. feliz blog cumple!!!!!!! DOS Años! Felicitaciones :)
    my world has been a tad bit mad as of late but coming over and checking on you still, hehe! ;)
    cuidate mucho!!

    and I hope you'll keep writing many many years more to enjoy us with all your comments and pics
    petonets! from sis X

  28. Ah, Mar....happy blogaversy. Has it been two years already, funny, I remember you as a cute toddler! (just kidding!) You are one of the main reasons I would want to visit Spain. You are such an encourager to everyone you meet.

  29. Yes, I agree with your comment on my blog: there is time for a party soon, but I'm not sure if it will be a birthday party or not - or when! Not decided yet if I'm gonna be home!
    Otherwise we could have done a party together too :-)

    There gonna be the Lifecruiser blogwarming party in the middle of October too, but there could never be too much partying, could it? *giggles*

  30. Just checking in and glad I did!! Happy 2nd Blogiversary!!!! I'm so glad to call you friend!

  31. Congratulations! Happy Blog Anniversary! I found you through Naomi's blog.

    Have a nice week ahead!

  32. G'day Mar,

    You blog in two languages - that is so talented, Mar. A very happy blogaversary to you.

    It has been such a pleasure to meet you (almost by accident) and I hope you stick with blogging for years to come.

    It's a privilege to know you.

    Keep smiling


  33. ...and long may it continue! mar-vellous blogging!



  34. Happy Blogaversary, Mar! Keep on blogging and we'll keep on reading.


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