Thursday, August 02, 2007

thoughts on thursday

I was going to write a Thursday Thirteen when I heard sun-hungry friends with their two girls from Northern Germany are arriving at noon today and staying until sunday. It was sort of a last minute decision and we are all happy about it. Although I would have time to post I will not have time to visit and return visits, that's why there is no TT today.

Update after Melli's comment: I have my photo hunt for saturday ready to be posted , yes, done before our friends arrive. Not that the house looks anything close to clean and organized, but first things first!! I know how to set priorities...


I was honored and flattered with two buttons from
dear blog friends: Friday's Child awarded me this one while I was on vacation
which I found out it started here.

And Yellow Rose this other one
and you can read all about the award (there are others as well) here

Oh, thank you very, very much!! And I am going to proudly display the buttons. However, I am unable to choose *only* 5 people to pass on the awards's truly beyond my nature and wish. Go ahead and grab a button or two! AND for the last button - pls note that one of the rules is:
If you feel that you or a friend are deserving of an award and no one has given one to you yet then email me at sayhitochristy(at) and tell me about your website.


This is our edelweiss!! we bought in a market place up in the Alps. It's tiny and we are treating it with much , much care, hoping it adjusts fine in its new home... I just hope it survives!


  1. Oh you have guests ! They will be happy to get some sun ! In Germany it's as bad as here in Belgium. I also have an award for you ! A big surprise ! If you don't have time today it's on my TT post !

  2. Oh of course I remember you mar.

    Wow its been a while huh?
    It's sooo good to be back in the blogging community.

    Hope you enjoy my new content when it goes up!

  3. Eidelwess, so delicate and beautiful flowers! But used to live in altitude!!! Give me some news of them if they like their new way of live in Barcelona!!!

  4. UGH! No visit? Well, I am thoroughly devastated! I'm not quite sure I'll even survive! I hope you are satisfied! And I hope you are having a LOVELY and WONDERFUL time with your German friend and the girls!!! Seeeeee you ... Sunday? Monday? Whenever!

  5. Your Eidelwiess is so pretty. I hope it does well. I also hope you have a great weekend with your guests. I could do with some sun too! Can you send some over here?! :)

  6. Have fun! Love your Edelweisses...Hope they survive the transplant. You are already missed!

  7. Congratulations my dear an your deserve them!
    I cannot hear the word Edelweiss without thinking of that beautiful little sing from "The Sound Of Music"...a perfect tribute to such a beautiful flower...!

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL time with your friends!

  8. Congratulations! on your awards, and have a good time with your guests.

  9. You have two new blog bumper stickers I see. Congrats! And welcome back.

  10. happy relaxing weekend, friend


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