Thursday, August 23, 2007

hiking away

**The word 'hiking' is understood in all English-speaking countries, but there are differences in usage. In some places, off-trail hiking is called 'cross-country hiking', 'bushwhacking', or 'bush-bashing'. In the UK, hiking is a slightly old-fashioned word, with a flavor more of heartiness and exercise than of enjoying the outdoors; the activity described here would be called 'hillwalking' or simply 'walking'. Australians use the term 'bushwalking' for both on- and off-trail hiking. New Zealanders use 'tramping' (particularly for overnight and longer trips), 'walking' or 'bushwalking'. Hiking in the mountainous regions of India and Nepal is sometimes called 'trekking'. Source.

Welcome to our hiking day in the French Alps! This post is brought to you in order to keep (not only) cyber cruise crew members healthy by doing some cardio exercises!! But don't worry, this will be a light walk to enjoy the scenery and the sunshine, listen to the sound of silence birds, insects, the wind, small animals and water falls, and to admire the flora as well.

Most of us live away from the mountains or surrounded by small hills, but there is nothing compared to the majesty of real mountains. That's the fascination of the Alps and the many possibilities they offer. Not only for skiing! summer in the mountains is a wonderful experience as well. You can relax with a good book outdoors and maybe a nap but this time we are going for a hike, don't forget your hat, sunscreen, appropriate shoes, hiking sticks , and water bottle. Snacks will be provided to avoid dealing with a hungry captain maintain our energy levels!

Our path will allow us to find the most tasty wild strawberries! admire the red butterflies and watch the brown cows, the ones needed for the Alpine Beaufort cheese.
The chosen trail takes us to see these wonderful lakes, located at 2,493 m /8,180 ft, and that's quite an achievement, isn't it?

Find below the picture I took. See the tiny white spot sort of above the lake, to the right?? that's snow! In the summer!!

and this is moi waiting for you right there next to the snow you saw in the prior pic:

Everything is very organized and the hiking trails are accurately described so it is kind of difficult to get lost, unless you decide to go off-piste! Mr. Mar checks the hiking map just in case.

It's interesting to meet the other hikers on the go, look here very closely and you will see them. Or else, click to enlarge! It is also very important to follow the slogan I heard over there: Breathe! you are in the mountains!

The weather up in the mountains can be very tricky, we were lucky to have enjoyed a sunny day! Have a look at some colorful Alpine flora down below.

Some snapshots from the hike:

the donkey wouldn't move and stayed right there for long minutes!

Sheep on their way up!

Click to enlarge to see a "marmotte"! it was a small family and they were enjoying the outdoors while mom (or was it dad?) checked for unwanted or harmful visitors . Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, but it was hard to zoom- in and not miss the little one!

After so much walking , how about finding a cold stream to cool off our feet? you might have seen this picture last saturday, it is still very refreshing!! And the water is incredibly clear.

There are many pictures yet to be shared but I think it is enough for today. And here is the perfect little village bistro to chill out and enjoy a nice meal , after all the mountain air makes one very hungry! Hurry in, they are waiting for the fun crew!

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  1. Yup you are right we do call it tramping here, not something I am very fond of doing unless it is a nice leisurely stroll lol.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  2. I love high mountains too and don't like flat landscapes at all (that's why I live near the Lion hill) but hiking or rather walking in the mountains I only do on a donkey a stretcher or with carriers ! I am a very lazy person for walking !

  3. Mar! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and explanations about mountain! It's rare when I don't go there in summer but this year it was like that! Thanks for this good pur and fresh air's bowl!
    When I think to Savoie's cheeses and ham I lose my head!

  4. Oh this was a wonderful Hije, Mar! I so enjoyed every bit of it...But I think my very favorite picture is of the cows. I LOVE Cows...there is something so very beautiful about them and a calmness and serenity....And these are GORGEOUS ones! I like the shhep, too...and the Flora....Well, truth be told, I like the whole thing and everything about it! Thank you, my dear...And I am ready for more, whenever you are ready to share more!

  5. Ahhhhh.... Just what I needed!!!! Sorry for being a bit late, butt we were to the secret island yesterday preparing for the cruisers to come there and I'm totally dead now... *giggles*

    Soooo refreshing with your post.... ahhh... inhaling the fresh air before being breathtake'd by the views!

    ...oh and that strawberries with the Beaufort cheese is just too yummy, I ate it all at once! *giggles*

    Hey, let's have a snowball fight!

    *throwing snowballs at you all*

  6. These pictures are out of this world, or a part I never see. Some of them remind me of Colorado.

  7. Oh wow, lovely pictures and look at me....not even out of breath from the hike. We live near the Blue Ridge Mountains and hiking is one of our favorite activities.

  8. Fabulous pictures! Smell that fresh mountain air! We get snow on the Highlands too in the Summer although it isn't supposed to be there!

    Off to cool my feet now!

  9. Very nice! Those are beautiful shots... It reminds me of the time I lived in the Sierras.

    Michele sent me,


  10. very nice. . . and inspiring. I may yet leave my apartment today.

  11. OMG, that was beautiful! And I didn't have to get off my lazy butt!
    I love the wilderness, but usually motorcycle through it. That "hiking" stuff is too hard.

    Michele sent me.

  12. You were in Les Ecrins? I know this is a very beautiful, may be the most, in the French Alpes. Your photos are tremendous in the way we are temped to go there. In fact, in 1991, it was our plan, but due to weatherforcasts we ended up in the Pyrenees - Massif Malladeta and the highest point there - Pico d'Aneto - we stayed there for one week in at tent - with the two youngest kids - blue sky and sunshine every day - but at the french side of the frontier - well - rainy

    Thank for bringing back old mountain memories.
    PS - my first visit to France was one month in le Grande Chartreuse - the mountains just north of Grenoble - in 1964

  13. Oh my gosh I had such a wonderful time!!! Thanks so much for giving me the pleasure of seeing such beautiful scenery.


  14. I'm breathing in all that incredibly fresh, clean air.
    Ahhhhhhh, I'm exhaling now.
    That is crystal clear water!! WOW!
    I would NOT say that I went "tramping" to anyone here.
    They would think I was referring to being a tramp, and I am NOT a tramp. :-)
    Thanks for the invigorating hike!

  15. The first photos with the trees, clover and butterflies looked so much like here it was uncanny. Fascinating.

    The other fascinating part was the huge differences in the mountain life and scenery. I totally loved the sheep going up to pasture.

    Thank you.

  16. Very interesting flora - I was wondering what the yellow stuff was. What a beautiful blue lake and majestic mountains. Very nice feet soaking. Ahh!

  17. Oh WOW! LOOK how BLUE that water is! And those skies! Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! And I love the cows just lying on the road! ROFL!!! What a great trek you guys had!!! And those mountains are just THE most majestic thing I've ever seen!

  18. What a great hike Mar! I love plants and animals and beautiful vistas.

    Hope you are having fun with your new button!

  19. Wonderful pictures, you can almost breathe the fresh air!

    You can also use the term rambling in the UK, something I do quite well, one way or another ......

  20. Is there anything more beautiful than mountains and lakes? How I miss them! Our #4 son live in France and he often takes his wife and three children holidaying in the Alps. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. Here from Michele's.

  21. Wonderful pictures! Everything looks so clear and vivd!

    This post made me want to get away from my desk and go hiking myself.

  22. I enjoyed that hike along with you. THose picture are perfect.

    Glad michele sent me here.

  23. Such lovely mountains. There are so much green around. Very refreshing and cool to look at.
    Thanks for the visit.

  24. I like the word "tramping" - it seems so unaffected and natural.

    Lovely pictures...I almost miss mountains, looking at them.


  25. What a lovely trip of hiking! It actually reminds me a great deal of the Norwegian mountains as you can see the snow even in the summer time. These wild strawberries looks delicious - my favorite - and we have had plenty of those in Norway this summer.

  26. wonderful post...i love the pics.u enjoy such lovely surroundings


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