Thursday, June 21, 2007

thursday thirteen [52]

01. It's mammogram time for me this afternoon
02. I am not looking forward to it but I'd rather do that than go to the dentist
03. that will be in september, though :(
04. I haven't been to IKEA in about a year (I know because I posted the last visit!) Not because I don't like the store but I can't help it and I buy things for which I have absolutely no room! Even candles need storage... So I'd rather avoid the temptation.
05. But I found this blog with interesting ideas!
06. And I love the pics of this cat furniture
07. Had a wonderful slide show last saturday.
08. Right at home, we had to gather all the forgotten equipment
09. It was so much fun to go through old slides, we will have to do that again
10. Yes, we played vynils on our turntable as musical background!
11. In case you were wondering (like my little niece) about the chinese keyboards, here is an explanation.
12. You can create your own message with cute penguins here
13. Would you believe there are cactus recipes?

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  1. I have to look at your links this afternoon, I have my painting group this morning and have to leave now !

  2. Wishing all goes well at your mammogram today.

    I've made cactus or Nopal before with green chili. It has the same texture as asparagus, but not taste.

    Looking through old photos and slides brings back so many fun memories.Sounds like you had a very good time.

    Happy T13!

  3. I love the penguin message thingy - very cool (pun intended!).

    I hope the mammogram goes okay.

  4. I finished my current painting this morning and had now a glance on your links, the cat's things I have seen, it's a good idea, but my cats prefer sofa and armchair little Rosie now included !

  5. Yes, watching old slides is a wonderful way to memorize.

    Cactus - hm - That's tequila:LOL:

  6. You've been surfing some interesting places, like the penguin! I left you a comment at LL about birds.

  7. The site on making cat furniture out of IKEA stuff is very cool! I saw that one a few weeks ago and wish that my humans would make some of that stuff for me!

  8. Oh, I want that cat furniture for myself!

  9. I hate going to the dentist too. In fact, I need to make an appointment but I keep procrastinating! :)

  10. We were supposed to do a show like that before we go on vacation, to decide which ones to throw away or to keep and make digital instead, butt we won't make it. That we'll be our occupation this autumn in the dark instead :-)

  11. I absolutely ADORE Ikea! And I have seen that cat furniture - and also some kitty "ramps" that hang on the wall -- I want some sO bad - but they are expensive! I keep telling the Hubs I think he could MAKE them for way less! (but he hasn't DONE it!)

  12. What creative things you present here! Love cats ladder, bathroom light and the penguins!
    but for the cactus recipe ... I will try this summer! perhaps with a cactus alcohol!

  13. A slide show sounds like fun.

    Good luck with the mammogram.

  14. I had mine in January, so I have a while to go. I've thought of quitting but then I have a strong will to live.

  15. So random! I love it! :) I haven't been to ikea in ages, either....

  16. My Housekeeper that retired over a year ago used to take the Nopales Leaves fromn one of my Opuntias out front and make a salad out of them....She cleaned them as directed and sliced them into Julienne type slices....Cook them up in some Oil....And then let them cool and add them to salad...! There are so very many varieties of Opuntia...but I only saw her take ONE Variety.....!
    This was a fun TT, Mar....lots of cute things to see, like that Chinese Keyboard! I have to go back and check out those Penguins again.


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