Monday, June 18, 2007

candy corn

I'm growing candy corn in my garden right now. At least this little plant reminds me of this piece of candy I have only seen in the US. It might be available somewhere else but I am not aware of that since I never buy candy except for my sugarfree coffee drops... The green stone is a kindergarten piece of art from Mr. 19 :)

It seems this is a form of an echeveria pulvinata ( click here to see a magnificent professional pic) It has always been in my garden (it came with the house, I have just multiplied it!) and it is a little plant, see how giant the pine needles appear under the tiny annual flower.

It has been windy and we cannot get rid of the pine needles, they are all over - even inside the house. This humble plant is the one producing such an extraordinary burst of color!

and because they are next to it, here are two other succulent plants from my wild garden: the green version is below. With a wonderful symmetry a dear blogfriend has taught me to admire and truly look at the details!

The second plant is a close relative which I call the dark lady. Although I have seen truly black ones of this kind! I don't know their names but I will update the post as soon as I find out about them.

This is what it looks like:

Update: thanks to our wonderful Naomi now I know it is an aeonium, how about that!!!


  1. Really beautiful pictures, the first plant I never heard or saw it. I don't like humid heat either, but in Turkey it was OK even at 30° I didn't realize that it was so hot while climbing through the ruins !

  2. WoW...those candy corn are festive!

    Michele sent me...much peace to you!

  3. BEAUTIFYL, Mar! I LOve this is one I have not seen and indeed, those flowers look lilke candycorn! The plant itself is so sweet, too...Don't you just love the little fuzzy look of it---covered in fuzz...! The
    Lady in Black, as you call her is an Aeonium...(Not sure thats spelkled right...) But it is pronouned A-O-NEE-OM...They aren't black if they are not in the sun....In fact in the shade, they stay green.....We have them here, too....Beautiful plant....! The climate where you are must be quite similar to here. Lovely Lobely Mar...And thanks so much for the mention.
    I just put up a NEW post of a different flower from my garden, too! And yes, I am still up....though I did have a wee nap around Midnight...! Hope your Monday is a good one....I'll be going to bed, shortly, I think...

  4. Really beautiful flowers. So tiny yet so colourful. Excellent post.

  5. You're right! That plant DOES look like candy corn! Though I don't think you should eat it. ;)

  6. Oh wow!!! I love these plants :).
    I just wanted to say hi!

  7. Hello, My name is connie and I am from Texas. It is so nice to meet you.

    I love the photos, they are beautiful plants. It looks like candy corn to me also. It is so pretty. connie

  8. Lovely plants and just a paradise for them in south! My poor garden could need water but I'm working and so tired when I come back at home at evening! My garden prefers when I have holiday and i take time with it!

  9. What a pretty little plant - it really looks like candy corn. And the succulents are beautiful.

  10. You are very welcome Mar...I have a plant growing all over my garden that multiplies which I think is the same as that Beautiful Green one....I will email you a picture or two of it.

  11. Very cool flower!! Looks just like candy corn! I'd love to have some of that in my garden!!

  12. I saw Naomi's post too and again it strikes me that this is so exotic to a Norwegian seeing these plants - and even blooming - in the garden.
    Thanks for sharing and with great pics!

  13. Just Beautiful, Mar! Truly!!!

  14. Such delicate little flowers! These photo's are just beautiful!

  15. I miss my old garden... Nice colors on that flower, never seen it before.

    Pssst! It's wedding time over at my blog :-)

  16. I LOVE your candy corn plant AND the beauuuuuuuutiful green kindergarten rock from Mr. (now) 19! What a treasure! I WAS going to say that Naomi would LOVE this post -- but I see she has been here and told you herself!!! LOL!

  17. Nice shots... "professional" versions are unnecessary. They do resemble candy corn, but I bet they don't taste as sweet!

    Michele sent me,


  18. I love your candy corn. That is one of my most favorite Halloween candy. The flower is just precious. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are doing well.
    Take care,

  19. Hello, Michele sent me.

    Love the photos. I can totally see the candy corn garden thanks to your accompanying photo of actual candy corn. Actually, now I can't see them as anything else. I wonder how many flowers and other plants have candy counterparts.

  20. What beautiful pictures, Mar honey - those little flowers are so precious!

    I'm waiting with bated breath for my lilies to flower - they are so beautiful, I can't wait every year.

    I did take some 'Naomi' shots, but my camera ate them :(:(


  21. thanks Mar! aeonium you said, nice!
    So black they were at the Exotic garden of Monaco! The daughters were in admiration in front of these plants and wanted the pic with! i come back from the concert! ouah!!! fantastical! It keeps me full of energy and it's a good thing because just now I will go to the beach to keep anaîs and her friend Léa! Always taxi driver I am even the night and i could say over all the night!
    Don't dream too much of the rolling stones Marcella if you want to have a quiet night!*giggles*


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