Thursday, May 10, 2007

thursday thirteen [49 ]

01. The picture I posted yesterday was a bouquet seen last weekend at the wedding.
02. It was such a beautiful one, I have to post it again:
03. and this is what the lower part looked like, with beautiful green leaves:

04. And since we are at it, here's the wedding cake again :

05. Next major celebration: FIL's 80th bday on June 1st!

06. While many US college kids are home for the summer, ours still have classes until early june and they are ready with finals by the end of that month.

07. I enjoy spring time more than any other season.

08. I love the warm weather, can't stand the heat so I wish it remained like this until september...
09. Mothers' Day was celebrated last sunday in Spain...
10. Click here, you will get a black page. Click your mouse anywhere (or everywhere) on the page to see what happens. Better yet, click & drag your mouse over the black page!

This is what you can find today if you walk downtown Barcelona.
More pictures here

12. A total of 23 sculptures from Igor Mitoraj, a Polish sculptor.
13. The open-air exhibition will last until july 1st . Hurry!

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  1. Why didn't you put the naked statues on your post instead of this big head, lol !
    I would love spring too, but now we are back to normal i.e. 12 to 15° instead of the 28° we had in may and it's raining cats and dogs ! We even had to put the heating on !!!

  2. I love your pictures of the flowers, they are beautiful! :) Those sites always make me happy.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. He must have a hella headache!
    Michele says hello.

  4. Oh I am SO STEALING that link to the flower garden. I'll spin that into a great blog post.

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Blah Blah Blog - The Soap Box

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous...and, the recipe is finally up! :-)

  6. Oh, I LOVE number 10! That was just FUN! And that is QUITE an exhibit you have going on over there -- I wish I could read Spanish and learn more about it!

  7. I love a site that keeps giving you more and more flowers. :)

  8. Love the Flower Garden! And the cake? Looks scrumptious!

  9. That bouquet is just gorgeous!! And I love this time of year before it gets hot, too. #10 was a lot of fun. :)

  10. Oh, I LOVE the look of your blog! Just beautiful :-)

    And #10 was so much fun. I made a beautiful flower garden!

  11. That bouquet was beautiful. :) The cake looks yummy too!

  12. I fell off my chair but someone else lost his head!! That cake looks delish...cherries?! I love the flower garden. Someone had just turned me on to it already this morning. If they had yesterday I would have included it in my 13. I love it. It's my kind of fun. There's always next week.

  13. I loved the flower garden. I filled the black with flowers! :)

  14. Love those Sculptures, Mar...They are really wonderfyl...And to think they will be ALL over Barcelona till July! I think that is fantastic! I particularly like the 'head', as you obviously do too...

    I had visited that site before and found it extremely enjoyable!!! I LOVED filling the entire pagewith flowers...dense, dense, beautiful flowers...Gorgeous!

  15. I wish I could go to Barcelona, I wouldn't hesitate for a sec!
    Thanks for visiting my TT!


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