Thursday, March 01, 2007

thursday thirteen [44]: the usual randomness...

gif animation

the usual randomness...

01. Today is my father's birthday.
02. He is 72 today.
03. Happy birthday, dear dad!!
04. These are the times I miss being "home" because I cannot take part in family celebrations...
05. It has been this way for 22 consecutive years.
06. I sort of got used to it but now that I am getting older (but by no means OLD!)
it's kind of hard(er).
07. FIL will be 80 years young in june
08. That will be a big celebration
09. I am looking forward to that
10. Because the last 80th bday I remember was Mr. Mar's Oma's (grandmother)
11. I just love other people's birthday.
12. It's my own birthday I don't like to celebrate but I don't have to worry about it until october. 13. a) and now just to change the subject here is a gem from my mailbox: make sure your speakers are on, click on The Galaxy and enjoy one of the cleverest animation studies you've ever seen. It's fun, believe me!
13.b) Today begins the International Polar Year , which lasts not only a year, it is a large scientific programme focused on the Arctic and the Antarctic from March 2007 to March 2009, which will play an important role in raising awareness as to the Polar Regions’ central relevance as climate archives, early warning systems, threatened habitats, and (in the case of the Arctic) homes to indigenous cultures. It sounds like an urgent project nowadays!!!

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  1. Wee I'm first!!

    Yea, birthdays are awesome. Happy B-day to your dad!!

  2. I just finished swinging (Pookie wondered what happened to me) the Galaxy is very nice, I am not surprised that you don't like your birthday ! to become 251 years old must be not so easy, all these candles on the cake ! Inform the firemen before ! I already am surprise to have made it to 64 (in July) What kind of youth pills do you take not to fall apart ??

  3. Happy birthday to your dad! Thanks for the info on the polar year. Interesting.

  4. well happy birthday to your dad! my tt's up, but I won't be doing any visiting today -- just more driving!

  5. Happy Birthday to your dad! As we say here in Germany: Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch zum Geburtstag!

    Your FIL's 80th birthday sounds like it will be a great celebration!

    Happy T13. :)

  6. happy birthday to your dad! birthdays are fun for me, whether they're mine or not. ;)

  7. Happy Birthday to Mar's Dad!

    I like the animation, Mar - very cute.

  8. Thanks for the animated owl link. He's the best one. The other characters look weird! Happy birthday to your dad. I feel almost as old as him because this is my 71st TT. They made me count!

  9. Too totally awesome. Happy B-day to your dad. Winks back.
    BTW "Wendy sent me here."

  10. I loved the animation, but then I'm a bit of a Monty Python fan anyway :-) Hope your father has a wonderful birthday.

    I have always liked my birthday. The way I look at it is that I am getting older every day so that fact that I get prsents on one of those days is a big bonus!

  11. How wonderful to have your dad still with you. Love your randomsness too.

  12. Happy Birthday to your Dad and FIL! Celebrations and Birthdays are always so much fun to get together with family!
    Those pics of the Galaxy were beautiful.
    Happy Thursday!

  13. Happy birthday to your Dad. :) I'm a March baby too. Happy TT!

  14. Happy Birthday Dad!

    Personally, I LOVE my birthday and sent out an email to all my friends reminding them to sent me email/birthday wishes! ;)

    I figure it's the one day a year I can get away with something like that!

  15. Happy BDay to your Dad!! :)

    I like birthdays too, mine not as much :)

  16. Happy Birthday to your Dad! I'm the same, I love other people's b-days but hate my own... Thanks for the links! hehe for the first one and right on for the second one! I'm gonna have to explore that site some more :) Happy T13!

  17. Happy Birthday Mar's Dad!

    I played the expanding univwerse thing, pretty cool.

    I like your animated banner too. Great stuff Mar.

    Have a nice Friday!

  18. I was thinking about the Galaxy animation ... good for school until right at the end they slip in a bugger!!


  19. Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad!

    Thanks for visiting me TT and answering all my questions. Would you believe it that I am just now getting around to visiting my blogging buddies!


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