Friday, March 16, 2007


Luna left me this pretty rose in the comments, because it's almost springtime! it's a fascinating creative little thing ( I only added a bit of color)


and a fascinating event starts today! - Create custom images


  1. that's a good rose... I have a few cortoon characters that way... let me see if I can find them... then I'll post...

  2. The rose is lovely and oh so clever isn't it? looking forward to your stop on the cruise. I have decided not to join up as I am far too busy at the moment.

    Michele sent me today :-)

  3. Lovely rose - and you really deserved it!
    Welcome on board on Lifecruisers cyber tour. I'll gladly show you around and I'm sure together we can find all the funny stuff:-)

  4. I'm always amazed when I see "pictures" like that. Who has that kind of time?

  5. that is very very cool! I remember the snoopy picture you used to make on the line printer. and the mona lisa. that was forever ago. I feel so old now! :)

  6. I'm sooo looking forward to you as captain and guide on this blasting cruise. And you too have a cruise companion. Splendid.

    PS. This goes for the both of you:)

  7. Ship Ahoy! Time for some heavy seightseeing of Stockholm! All man on deck!

  8. Bloogle Glogger is crazy this morning ! He published my text as if I were heavily alcohol damaged ! and not only that, I had a text with pictures ready at 7 am and clicked on "publish" everything disappeared ! I could start the whole thing again and now I wanted to put the text in order and he tells me that htmls are missing ! I just could kill them all ! Yes Mr. Gattino is chatting with his mafia despite the awful weather we have today ! Rain, rain and rain !
    Have a nice sunday, "see" you in Barcelona tomorrow !


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