Tuesday, March 20, 2007

cyber cruise-day 5

After that fine and elegant partying last night (did you see all those pretty evening dresses?) I was quite happy we left the Barcelona-harbor last night as there are very strong polar winds today. But then I found out there is a pirate's attack at the Irish Pirate Church Lady's right now! help! While I was looking for a place to hide since I always avoid conflicts (he, he) I found this little Irish corner. Lucky me! I don't drink beer but flexibility is a must in difficult times .

While hiding I will be surfing to know what's going on . What a cyber cruise!!


  1. I find that Irish pubs are always good places to hide. :)

  2. Ugh! Roomie! Can I hole up here with you for awhile? I'm plum worn out from battling pirates! Pirates really aren't my favorite people!!! On the other hand... Irish Pubs are quite nice!

  3. I'm pretty sure if you ask them bar tender they will have some champagne to sip while around you is chaos! :-)

  4. a fine ale -- an excellent accompaniment to... whiskey!

  5. The very best place to hide - indeed!

    My report is up; come on over and see what's left of Oslo after the party on Saturday LoL

  6. Lettin' yer shipmates on th' ship do all th' dirty work without ye, diggin' th' booty hole fer th' buccanneers? Shame on ye!

    Avast! Do nay forget t' swear an' be naughty sea dogs an' land lubbers!

    Ya horn swollgin' scallywag!

  7. I rolled down under the wine barrels, by luck, I must admit. And slept heavenly well after the 2 barrels of Sangria and the saradanes into the early morning.
    But I had a dream, a nightmare, I woke up at Concha Y Toro, Cellier de Diables in Valle de Maipo. First time visit to Chile. And in the black limo, who was there but P? And when I really wake up: Pirates all over.

    Take it easy. Crises over. The end of the pirates (at least to my correspondents) ere the bear (not beer) meeting earlier this afternoon.

    See you in Berlin?


  8. Aye Lassie, Anne the Mad! Ye lay low an' count yer gold. Yer entitled to yer day o' rest after yer great partay yesterday! Arrrrr!

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