Monday, February 12, 2007

pics from the 13th floor

My dear sis lives in a central located appartment in Santiago and I spent much time at her place. Below is the view from her balcony, showing the Manquehue hill which is an important reference in the city if you want to know where is north! Manquehue is an Indian (mapuche) name and it means condor's place (manque=condor; hue=place, I always learn something myself too!).

and zooming-in... Comparing the recent pic to another one taken in dec 05 (below) one can see there are more buildings now as construction booms!

If you look east you will find the Andes and the glaciars. Remember it is summer time right now in the Southern hemisphere. Air pollution is a big issue in Santiago and I didn't have a clear day for better pics of the mountains.

And last, but not least,
not just another sunset, it's too bad the little cams don't do justice to the beautiful original colors


  1. The pictures are lovely Mar! I thought you said you didn't get any scenery pics??

    I know that the colours don't always come out as good as in real life but they look good to me, especially the sunsets!

  2. Gorgeous pixies! Seems like you had a fab time! Una lastima that i never made it over the Andes for the wedding... But it is still very much in our plans to go over to Chile someday. ;)

  3. The colors are beautiful ! At least to me. Of course if you look at the scenery life your eyes see it in another way than a camara. Don't forget, even the best camera has no soul !

  4. Ahhhhhhhh... this just AMAZES me! I wonder if absolutely every person in the entire city of Santiago APPRECIATES these views!?? This is the one thing that I absolutely LOVED when I was visiting out in Colorado - was that no matter where I went in Colorado Springs, ALWAYS I had a "view" - ALWAYS! And I wondered there if the people appreciate it. I have to think that children who are BORN to this view and grow up always with this view, just probably take for granted the beauty that is theirs! I have NO such views where I live. No mountains. AND I wonder... when people come here, FROM living in a place like that, do they find our relatively FLAT horizons to be "beautiful"? Or do they find them really really BORING? Mmmmm... these pictures are spectacular Mar!

  5. Great pix!! Love that sunset... the oranges are so gorgeous. I'm finally catching up. Enjoy all that wonderful food!

  6. Beautiful!! The mountains look fabulous

  7. oh, I love the sunset ones. I'm such a sucker for a sunset. :)

  8. What wonderful photo's - the ones of the sunset are just gorgious. I love how the mountains behind the city glow in the sun as it sets. Be sure to post more pics soon :-)

  9. Oh Mar...These are so beautiful. Santiago is such a beautiful city! And the Sunsets...Yummmm! I know what you mean about the pollution is so sad and also so dangerous to all living things...!

    There is a beautiful building over to the left in one of your pictures---an Apartment building, I think..with curved balcony's...That looks lovely!

  10. Very beautiful Mar. I liked seeing the changes that were brought about in just one year. The colors in your photographs are outstanding, thanks for sharing them.

  11. I always say that to myself when I am looking at something so beautiful..."I will never be able to capture just how perfect this looks".

    Your photos are really very nice. I think you did a wonderful job with your camera.

    Take care,

  12. Wonderful pictures! And what a sunset! *whistles*

    I love the placement of the city right below the Andes like that. Very scenic indeed.

    I'd love to go there..... *dreamy sigh*


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