Friday, December 08, 2006

it's friday and it's a holiday

As of today I could change my blog to beta...but after reading about some negative experiences I don't think I will. At least for now... I thought blogger had forgotten about my blog!

I have to get going since we are taking many things to the local fleamarket this morning, mainly old Legos, won't save them for the next generation because tastes change too rapidly nowadays!

Update: no open market since it is raining in sunny Spain. Now we have to take everything back to the garage...*sigh*

Random thoughts, after reading the press today :
Today Jim Morrison would have turned 63!
John Lennon was shot 26 years ago today... I was in college in the US... and wore black like three days in a row...where were you when he was shot?? better said: when you heard about it!

why the guns?
Alanis Morissette sings Dear Prudence


  1. Don't change to Beta yet pleeeeaaase ! It's still beta and not yet finished. I wait too. I have one "secret" beta blog which is not yet for publishing, but only for experimenting and I don't find it very interesting compared to what we have now. Even the templates are the same, although you can change some colors. But honestly it's not worthwhile yet.

    Usually I don't mix up languages, they are like in drawers. Only with Mr. Gattino sometimes we speak a mixture between German and French. When I met him, he didn't speak any French, but he spoke perfectly German (he had worked in Munich) so we started with this language and will probably end with it too !

  2. Ah Lego! I (as a grown-up / relatively mature) still love Lego :o)

  3. Good Morning Mar...!
    Yes, it sounds like Blogger doesn't have Beta worked out very well yet...OY! (lol)

    I am anxious to see the coming flower you mentioned in your comment...It is exciting, isn't it? It's like a present that is wrapped and you have a clue because of the size of the box, BUT, you won't really know what it is until you open it...I LOVE this about plants that are familiar but one hasn't seen the flower...!
    It will be quite a while till my plant actually has blossoms on it...

  4. Sell the Legos on Ebay! That's where I bought all of ours.

    When John Lennon was shot I was living in Manhattan, watching Monday Night Football when Howard Cosell broke the news. I had just broken up with my [insane] boyfriend, but we spent the night together simply beause we needed company, to share our grief. It was awful.

    Here via michele.

  5. How do the fleamarkets work in Spain? once a month or more often? reminds me i need to de-junk the house again. Accumulating junk is too easy these days....
    26 years ago today, we were living in Rome. I was probably in kindergarten playing with Cristine and Alberto.... :)

  6. I'm sticking with my "old" Blogger. I'm also hearing too many horror stories about beta. Since I don't see much benefit in switching over, I'll wait.

    Heck, I'd like to quit Blogger altogether soon. Wordpress awaits.

  7. I was in the first year of comprhensive (senior) school and I asked my mum "who's John Lennon?" She sat me down and put the The Beatles aka The White Album on the stereo. And I sat with her whilst she cried. Dear Prudence is still one of my favourite songs ... but I also like the Siouxsie & the Banshees cover from the early 80s.

  8. I don't remember what time of day it was that JL was shot, so I'm not sure where I was when it happend. (I'm pretty sure I wasn't a suspect though!) I DO remember I was at work when I HEARD about it though! And I was saddend. And we all listend to Imagine about a million times in a row.

    I think you should think again about those legos Mar! Legos NEVER go out of style! I'm pretty sure your grand kids will love them! Not that Mr. 18 is planning to make you a grandma ANY TIME SOON! But... when it happens...

  9. I dumped Blogger rather than switch to Beta. I wonder if that's what they're hoping people will do.

  10. Yay, Legos! Suitable for all ages, really. ;)

    I love openair markets, but it's too cold here to have them (and there's not much space, really...) Better luck next market day, maybe? :)

    Hello from Michele's!

  11. Interesting that Jim Morrison would have been 63!
    I was here at home and was getting ready to do my "therapy" in my Primal Room. when I heard about John was so utterly shocking....And in a strange way, it still is....!
    A really terrible terrible thing...!

  12. I feel young! i wasn't born when Lennon was shot. ;)

  13. I'm not switching to Beta either - I totally don't trust Blogger! Let's resist together. :) I think I was in the 6th grade when Lennon was shot, and you know what, I was such a naive, sheltered child I don't even remember being aware of the Beatles, let alone John being shot, until I was in college. Then I listed to their "old" music all the time!

  14. I was in bed and when I woke up it was on the radio.

    Actually, I'm going to the 26th Lennon party thing in New York on Sunday on 55th St. - Michelle Shocked amongst others is playing.

    Expect a blog entry and I'm still using Blogger original, but with a few hacks of my own.


  15. Great video link - Thank you.

    I wish Alanis would bring out some new material instead of the re-issues.

    You may also like the new Beatles 'Love' album based upon the Cirque du Soleil set.


  16. Hm, I'm not so sure about being too fast to switch to the beta blogger either. Even though I'm on WP :-)

    I sure wish that John Lennon would have lived, just to see what he would come up with in the music front!

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    So I have a humble request: help me, the little ant, to fight against the big elephants in the Weblog awards 2006 by voting for Lifecruiser every day 7-15 dec and write something about my fight on your blog!

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  17. I got invited to change over Blogger Beta today too. I'm going to wait and let everyone else work out the kinks before I go. I don't want to be a guinea pig.


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