Sunday, December 03, 2006

holiday decorations parade

The charming Wystful1 is holding a Holiday Decorations Parade on her site. This gives me a chance to show off one of my - if not MY - very favorite decoration, which is 14 yrs old and personally made by Mr 18 when he was in Kindergarten. I love the little pine tree, painted in green and carefully decorated by tiny hands who glued the shiny little balls and candles. I normally place it in the middle of our (ceramic) advent wrath. It has lost some of the decorations throughout the years but it will always have a preferential place during Xmas time. See it below placed over the first Xmas card I received this season, the little tree is only a bit over 2 inches tall:

and here you see it positioned in the very middle of my advent wrath. Happy first advent!

Click here to see the complete parade!


  1. So sweet! What a special decoration to have and to share! I have some of Joshua's put away that I hate to use much as time has not been so good to them!

    Very nice. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my angels with me!

  2. How cute is that?! I love it! I have a 5 year old--I can only hope to get something as adorable from him this year.

    Thanks for visiting me and my Christmas photos...there will be more as the month progresses.

  3. Very nice ornament and still in good shape. Love your Christmasy blog look!

  4. beautiful! thanx for stopping by my blog earlier. I really like your decorations. I will be posting another picture of my new table and some other stuff as the month goes on ;D

  5. Those are BEAUTIFUL! What neat memories, too. ;)

    Our tree fell over twice today. Sigh...

  6. mar, this brings tears to my eyes....really!!

    What a glorious treasure!!! If my little one made something like that, it'd ALWAYS have a special place for the holidays, and in my heart...forever.

    Great job for the parade!!!

  7. Wow! I can't believe it was kept all these years! How great is that?

    Here from Carmen's party!

  8. It's beautiful, especially because of the love that went into it.

  9. okay remeber I said last week your virtual christmas gift would be on hold till I thought of something appropriate... well I did it.... it's one of my compositions & after I gave it to you I put it up on my blog for all my friends... I hope you don't mind sharing....

    A Christmas Wish

    Silver and gold I can offer you none
    Nor can I give you the stars, moon and sun
    But this special wish I send your way
    This little prayer for you I will pray

    That the joy and peace of that wee babe born
    On that silent and precious past Christmas morn
    May be yours to know and feel in every way
    To have and hold, and bless you each day

    All riches may fade and wealth soon depart
    There’s nothing more precious to gladden the heart
    Than the hope and joy of that bottomless love
    A veritable treasure sent from the Father above

    And as before us the new year does unfold
    I wish for you, happiness and love untold
    May all you hold dear be blessed as well
    With the magic and love of the Risen Lord’s spell

    - writtend by Wendy ann Edwina D'Cunha

  10. must be very special to put it up every Christmas. My MIL still puts up decorations on the Xmas that BH did 25 years ago! One can't buy decorations like that - they are ageless.

  11. Awww, that is so sweet. I don't put my decorations up until the week before Christmas. I still have my cards to write too!

  12. Oh this is really cute ! I can immagine that you put it out every year ! I also have something which is already 33 years old it's a bell and when you wind it,it plays Christmas songs. I got it the first Christmas our son was born. And then Mr. Gattino has his crib handmade from Italy and 63 years old ! Unfortunately it's in the attic and as we are going away over Christmas and New Year, I only did a little table decoration.
    I also wanted to join the Christmas parade, but have first to find some pictures !

  13. That is just awesome. Very original. It's nice you still have it and really well kept.

  14. That's amazing how you were able to preserve that all these years.

    Happy Monday!

  15. Precious Mar! Absolutely precious! I know just how you feel about it -- that's how I feel about our tree top teddy bear! :) What would we EVER do without these treasures? :)

  16. i'm going to have lots of parade posts, since I decorate my house and no one but me ever sees it. :)

    I love your pinecone decoration, and the advent candles!

  17. What a very precious thing to have, Mar...Even if it has lost a little of it's "luster" it is so wonnderful to syill have this and to always have it be a part of your Christmas display...

  18. I agree its fun to have some decorations with special memories. Its like a private tradition!

  19. Awww!!

    My mother's favorite is a little snowman ornament made out of a tuna can. I think I was 6 when that one came to be.

    My favorite? S's ornament for his first Christmas. I pressed his handprint into clay and let it dry. So technically I actually made it, but it IS his wee little hand.

  20. Beautiful! It is so detailed - he must have really worked hard. I like the picture where it is on top of the card. You have a great eye for color.

  21. That is very sweet, Mar. I have some decorations made by my children and they always get preferential treatment at the holidays.

  22. Wow! You changed the background for the holidays. I like it! :)
    Hope everything is going well with you-

  23. That's so sweet! I wish I had thought to have DD make ornaments each year. We did make some of those dough ornaments, but I tossed them out a few years ago as they were breaking. She's making some bead ornaments this year...those are keepers!

    Happy Tuesday for you now.

  24. Hey mar,

    One can never tell if the Combo-gift is coming or not. I suspect that this year won't be a combo as she has told me what I'm getting for Christmas already, she does that too.

    Last year's gift wasn't a combo, but it might as well have been. She got me bundt pans, two different patterns...I don't bake. So I returned them.

  25. What a beautiful decoration!! I love handmade decorations, especially ones made by your kids! Sweet memories!

  26. That is so sweet. My favorite decorations are my tree ornaments. Especially my red haired Angel. I'm not sure when we will put up our tree. I hope soon.

  27. Always nice to have candles burning!

  28. Hi! I'm back again to say hello and to let you know that I have joined the parade too.

  29. So beautiful! And extra special too! I love all the handmade ornaments from my kids! Here is the link to my parade entry:


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