Friday, November 03, 2006

I love Hamburg [2]

We lived in Hamburg more than 8 years (Mr. Mar a lot longer, but this is my blog!) until Mr. Mar's employer transferred us to Barcelona in late 1993. For 3-5 years. A perfect sabbatical for me! Only after 13 years we are still here (and loving it). Can I still call it a sabbatical??

Hamburg's tip of the day : Blankenese
where homes look like the one pictured below on the left. It's a beautiful little place, which reminds me of a fairy-tale!

Quote: History- Blankenese was a small fishing village, perched on a south facing hill side (relatively steep and high, for the Northern German plains) over-looking the river Elbe. Its history, going back as much as 1000 years, has always been closely connected to the sea, through either fishing or later trading with sailing vessels. Unquote . Continue reading here


  1. have a nice stay in Hamburg!!!
    ich möchte auch gerne ein paar Tage in Hamburg spazieren gehen!
    liebe Grüsse von Deine Schwesterchen X

  2. I love these photos! What a cute little house and a beautiful photo of the all the homes!!

  3. In these pictures it looks so quaint, Mar...very beautiful, indeed!

  4. Have a great time and enjoy Germany. WIsh I were there too!

  5. Oh that's awesome... I hsould tell you my maiden name... I'm part german LOL


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