Thursday, November 16, 2006

day 16 - Thursday Thirteen [36] : medical report

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01. I am under medical stress ( a side effect from Grey's Anatomy??)
02. I had two doctor's appointments this week , just regular ones with the gynecologist and the ophtalmologist ( the dentist follows in two weeks)
03. to which I had to add a visit to the traumatologist/orthopaedist on tuesday because of a sore knee . Actually, it isn't painful, just a discomfort.
04. He dignosed a patella (kneecap) chondromalacia ...
05. Normally, the kneecap sits centered in the groove. However, if it begins to move towards one side of the groove, the amount of pressure on the underside of the kneecap, changes. This results in the development of pain initially. If untreated, the end result is arthritis of the patella/kneecap. (Source: the net)
06. and the same will happen to my left knee as well (according to the X-rays) if I don't do the proper treatment
07. which involves special exercises
08. I am beginning with rehab this afternoon
09. going to Barcelona city center
10. this means for an hour of treatment I need almost 3 hours of my time
11. oh, well it is only for 20 sessions and it includes a massage therapy as well.
12. and my knees are worth it even though I hardly show them off!
13. As much as "no one cares what you had for lunch" I know my own little health issues are irrelevant compared to all the misery in this world, but this is keeping me busy this week! I feel I am hopping from one doctor 's office to the next one . The worst part: they all have the same gossip magazines!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. What a stressful week!

  2. Wish I can care about my health as much as you do ;D

    Happy TT, I'm in this week.

  3. That certainly sounds like some sort of medical tour! I am off to the dentist myself today and have been in and out of hospital this year. Also, this is your blog and you're entitled to moan about whatever you want. After all, pain is personal and what may seem like nothing to someone may be hell to the person it is happening to! Hope your knees are better soon!

  4. That just doesn't sound like a very comfy week :(

  5. You are so very right to be taking care of this now, my dear! Your knees like your hips are very very important and get more so as we know! (Maybe if I don't say it it will go away....HA!)

  6. Sorry to hear about the knee problems. The physical therapy/rehab should definitely help. I hope your knees feel better soon!

    Happy T13. :)

  7. Oh boy. I hope you feel better real soon.

  8. :( Hope this will pass soon for you. Happy TT!

  9. I wish you all the best.
    Just don't give up.

    Happy TT,
    Sonny from Germany

  10. any time you have to go to the gynocologist is bad. ;)

    You gotta take care of those knees! I have knee issues, too. I hope the therapy helps

  11. painful knees! not a good feeling. But sure important to keep them healthy and functional!
    but massages (of any kind) are always great. Hope you enjoy your sessions despite the lack of proper magazines :D

  12. Hola Mar, I got my haircut and my teeth cleaned yesterday. That's about as close as going to a doctor as I get.

    There's still room on my blog couch.

  13. Pain in any joint is horrible. I hope you are feeling better sooner and that the therapy works.

    Have a Happy!

  14. I'm sorry to hear about your knees! I hope the exercises and therapy will work for you!

    And my advice: Take your own book or magazine to read to the doctor office. :)

  15. Yikes! Not fun. Good for you though going through the treatment. You don't mess with your knees. Happy Thursday!

  16. Sorry about the knee, Mar. If all the docs have the same magazines, take a book to read!

  17. So sorry to hear you are falling apart! Hope the knee therapy goes well.

  18. I haaaaaate weeks like that! I actually detest going to the doctors for ANYthing! (and am very bad about putting it off...) I sing you HIGH PRAISE for going in and getting this thing taken care of -- before it becomes worse and requires ... Ugh! Surgery!

  19. Our health problems are important to us, even if they aren't to anyone else. I hope you feel better soon!

  20. Maybe you should get a laptop so you can blog while you're waiting for the doctor!


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