Monday, November 13, 2006

day 13: about a shawl

Pls scrowll down to have a view of the so-called Manton de Manila, Manila's shawl, and find below detailed pics of my blue one, also pictured in the prior post...

Now for the origin of its name allow me to quote the clever net:

Manila, capital of the Philippines, gave its name to one of the complements with which the women of Seville identifies most. The island, colonised by Spain in the 16th century, was an obligatory port of call for galleons loaded with precious cargoes of oriental products, which came via Mexico to dock at Seville's port. The daintiness and bright embroidery of the Chinese-made shawls captivated the imagination of Sevillians from all walks of life, to the point where the Manila silk shawl gave protection from the cold to both workers at the tobacco factory (the legendary Carmen among them) and ladies of the aristocracy alike.

After some time the Chinese decorations on the shawls were replaced by local motifs; the dragons, bamboo and pagodas disappeared and rose-shaped decorative motifs and birds, roses, carnations and other flowers appeared.

Melli mentioned a mantilla. A mantilla is a small headscarf made of cloth or lace previously worn to cover the head of Catholic women while attending church, as explained by the wiki . Etymology: Spanish, diminutive of manta, cape. While manton is in turn the augmentative!


  1. the print on the shawl looks really nice... very pretty colour too... thanks for the info

    thanks for your visit and comment!

  2. Your shawl is very beautiful ! Must say since I don't work anymore I have no skirt in my wardrobe ! I just don't feel comfortable in it. So for weddings, funerals etc where I have to be dressed up (I call this disguise)I have one "very" chic black trousers and wear usually a black nice top with it and then, it depends what it is I wear assorted fashion jewlery (mostly bought in Egypt and Turkey) and that's it. As I am blond, black is a good color for me. And if it's cold why don't wear such a nice shawl !

    The Mr. Linky I have on my block, just helps me to open people's blog quicker, that's all. It doesn't link to anybody. So you escape for Christmas too, that's the best. Usually we always celbrate with our son, but this year he is going to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and I don't want to stay alone with my husband for Christmas that's too sad only the two of us, ah yes and of course the four cats !

  3. Hi Mar, the detail on your shawl is exquisite! So beautiful. I didn't know that about the shawls so thanks for the enlightenment! Social visit adn learning rolled into one! :0)

  4. What a beautiful shawl. The detail in it is spectacular.

  5. Awww...where's the picture of you wearing it. Loved the post and the history.

  6. That is so interesting! That blue is really a gorgeous color, too.

  7. Thanks so much Mar for the close-up pictures which are BEAUTIFUL by the way, and the interesting explaination of the derivation of the name! This certainly is a wonderful thing to have and it would be GREAT for California because it can get so chilly at night even though it's been very very warm during the day...The "Perfect Garment" so to speak! (lol)

  8. Mar - You're supposed to save this for the Saturday Photo Hunt.

  9. love the historical posts. Had never connected the Manton de Manila to the actual existing capital. Está precioso tu Manton! I use a lot of scarfs in the winter, all sorts, dressy, casual, sporty for whatever occasion. Love scarfs. Luv'em! :)

  10. Aha! I knew they were related! *grins* I'm so clever! LOL! That is really interesting Mar - and a great share! I like the flower designs better than the oriental designs too! (although ... if I were in Rome, I would do as the Romans do! hehehe...)

    Have a great day Sweety! I'm off to work... *sigh*


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