Thursday, October 05, 2006

thursday thirteen { 32 }

01. My whole body is sore
02. actually "only" from the neck down...
03. Because of gym class on tuesday
04. The class meets on tuesdays and thursdays for one hour
05. I had a yoga class on monday
06. the first one after the summer break
07. it was a very sad one
08. because my instructor's husband lost his battle at age 56...
09. against colon cancer. Three long and painful years
10.Which brings me to nr. 11
11.October is the pink month
12. It is breast cancer awareness month
13. Please take it seriously! read the (complete) breast awareness
five-point code here!
Know what is normal for you
Know what changes to look and feel for
Look and feel
Report any changes to your GP without delay
Attend routine screening if aged 50 or over

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  1. I like your list and the reminder of Pink month.. I am a big Breast cancer (and cancer in general) advocate.. Hope your soreness goes away soon

  2. thanks for reminding us. Just yesterday i was doing a bit of research on breast cancer. I wanted to get a scan done here, but the health system is such that you will only be allowed to get a breast scan (not mamography, they don't believe in Xrays...) if you have a family history of breast cancer. So i scheduled an appointment when i went home to Portugal, but due to lack of documents i was not able to do it either. Could have rescheduled but we were due to fly out the next day... so it has been 6 years since my last scan... and i am starting to get paranoid.
    After nearly 2 weeks of yoga, i regret not having started sooner! :) have a great day!

  3. Great list, and I love your TT banner.

  4. Poor girl, that list sounds a little pessimistic. But breast check up every year is really very important ! My "pink" month is in April.

    Happy TT

  5. I hope the soreness goes away soon. Thanks for the reminder about breast cancer awareness month. I have links to breast cancer "click to donate" sites on my blog. Happy Thursday!

  6. I didn't know about pink month. Thanks for the info.

  7. Great reminder, dear Mar...There is a lot about Pink Month here in the US...

    Your template looks great...I can read everything easier, too...Not that I had a lot of trouble with yours but somehow not that it is all's easier for me to read....

  8. I can relate to #1--I just did Pilates earlier this week after not having done it in too long. Ow, ow, ow.

  9. "...somehow NOW (That's what the word should have been...NOW)that it is all centered..." That one finger typing, once again....OY! (lol)

  10. But you're not sore enough to say no to some cake are you?

    C'mon over and have some cake.

    But no cake throwing! Behave! *lol*

    (Good note about the breast cancer, well done :-)

  11. You have a beautiful list of 13s. I do appreciate your concern for the awareness of breast cancer, but I'd rather refrain myself from reading it because it gives me sad memories of my SIL who fought her battle against breast cancer just last August 23. I still can't get over it especially when I read things about this. She immediately comes into picture.
    Mine's up too.

  12. Hey, I'm sorry to hear about your instructor's husband. And now I'm putting "Make mamorgram appt." on my todo list. Darn, but a wake up call, eh?

    I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. ;)

  13. you won't want to hear this, but you know what helps sore muscles? more exercise. ;)

    I'm learning a lot this October about breast cancer. I get to have my first mammogram next year. oh goodie!

  14. Take it easy today and I hope you feel better. Thanks for the breast cancer awareness reminder.

    Take care,

  15. I only wish I had your gym motivation. I keep meaning to join, but never do!
    Being sore after gym class isn't nice.. that I DO know from years ago lol


  16. I am so aware of cancer cause I lost my father and other family members to that horrible disease. And now one of my daughters has lymphoma on her neck and in her chest cavity. She is having treatments one every other week. I pray for her alot. I will keep your instructor in my prayers for her loss.

    It's always the day after when you feel all the soreness in the body after a good workout.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  17. They say "no pain, no gain" for a reason. But since exercise is so good for us, wouldn't you think our bodies would respond to it by feeling better, not sore?

    Thanks for the breast cancer reminder, too.

  18. Last October I got my final all clear after a real breast cancer scare. Whew! It is so scary to even think about, but if we do think and take care, we can conquor this!

  19. I'm sorry you're sore from gym class!

    That's really sad about your instructor's husband.

    Thanks for the reminder about breast cancer awareness month!

  20. A very caring sharing.
    It's all about awareness.
    We all need to think pink.
    Take care,

  21. Great reminder...sorry you are sore from your class. Will keep your instructor and family in my prayers.

  22. My ex mother in law has breast cancer. Broke my heart when I heard. Unlike the ex, I like her! She's been through so much. (sshhhh... she and I still keep in touch.)

  23. I hope you're feeling better and it's great, all of the attention to cancer awareness.

  24. Your TT, gave me the giggles! Pretty creative! My TT's up too.

  25. Great reminder,Mar.
    I hope your shoulder feels better soon. :P

  26. Very good idea. Similar to a discussion I saw on this Time Travel.

  27. Great List! Good advice on pink month! Thanks for the reminder. happy tt!

  28. I like your list. Great random thoughts. Now I feel like I should be working out.

  29. Mar, I saw your comment at Colleen's. A lot of us in the USA DO recycle. I am faithful about it, and wanted you to know.

  30. Gym class is a killer!

    great list!

    My thirteen are up here

  31. Ohhhhh dear! Realizing those muscles are still there, huh? Ahhhh well... hope the next class goes better! Thanks for the pink reminder! I have my written orders -- I just have to remember to call the place an make my appointment! I WILL do it though... I just found out a VERY good friend of mine has breast cancer. :(

  32. I wear a pink ribbon all year long as 2 of my aunts died from breast cancer.

    Sorry about the ache .... just think how fab you'll feel when you get back into the yoga swing :o)

  33. Morning Mar, Michele sent me. Loved your list and completely understand the whole being sore thing - isn't it amazing how your muscles fight against change?

    I've got my Thursday Thirteen up too.


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