Thursday, September 28, 2006

thursday 13 {31}


01. It's wednesday thursday again (no, it isn't, it is wednesday as I am writing this)
02. And I'd like to post my TT right before midnight.
03. Because it is nice to wake up to the smell of fresh comments on a new post
04. I know this might/does bother some people but I am in a different time zone!
05. But I am not posting my TT too early tonight. Update: it is already thursday over here!
06. I have been busy sorting out digital pictures. But I still have a lot to do... Blame this exhausting activity for my lack of creativity for today's TT...
07. I signed up for a gym class which meets on tuesdays and thursdays. This meant leaving my old gym, I was there for the past 11 years but it didn't hurt a bit leaving it since they have become way too expensive and do not offer a lot.
08. The best thing about the old gym was the view over palm trees and the beach...
09. At least that was something to look forward to while packing my towel and putting my sweats on
10. I need to start my exercise program because I haven't done a thing in that direction since june. Well, actually early june or better said, late may if I am honest with myself ... and it's starting to show! (%#"!)
11. I have been busy doing other things way more fun important than exercising or housework.
12. If housework is sort of on your way , pls click here for the original post, this is what Haleigh Anne wrote: (it is not mine, TT edited in the morning to include the little list in case you don't have time to click on the link)
1. Open a new file in your PC.
2. Name it "Housework."
3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN
4. Empty the RECYCLE BIN
5. Your PC will ask you, "Are you sure you want to delete Housework permanently?"
6. Calmly answer, "Yes," and press the mouse button firmly......
7. Feel better? "
Well, I did :)
13. Happy Thirteening!

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  1. Someday not always I get my days mixed
    My tt is up.

  2. I like being able to start my T13 reading on Wednesday evenings.

    Good luck at your new gym!

  3. I post most of my T13's on Wednesday, too, just to wake up to fresh comments! Does that make us weird?

  4. I only blog at night, if I posted my T13 on Thursday night no one would see it.

    I loved the housework link.

  5. I normally post my Thursday Thirteen late Wednesday evening also. I think that's okay.

    Good luck on your new exercise rountine! I am just starting to work-out again this week also, after not exercising all summer.

  6. I'm in Europe, so I post my T13 first thing Thursday morning, but there are usually already 60+ people who have posted! Now I know why - you post Wednesday evenings. ;)

    As for exercise, it is fun. :) Or it is supposed to be fun. :) Enjoy your new gym. :)

    Happy TT. :)

  7. love the "cleaning house" link, might have to print it and post it somewhere - fridge maybe... (?)
    started yoga 2 days ago and wow! had not been exercising for a while as well! ;)
    So what type of routine did you sign up for, just regular machines or some sort of aerobic? (Curious as usual)

    Curiosity killed the cat, nyasha, lol! it's "Mantenimiento y Pilates", so I am curious myself, sort of a regular workout combined with a bit of Pilates. I don't do machines and I can do aerobics for only like 15 min! :). By the way "mantenimiento" is what the Germans call BBP: Bauch, Beine und Po - Tummy, Legs and Buttocks!


  8. I usually post my TT on Wednesday night around 11:30 or so, just depends on when I get to it. I like to wake up to fresh comments in the morning too; it set's well with my fresh brewed coffee!! ;)

    Exercise? What is this foreign word that you speak of?

    Happy Thursday, mine is up!

  9. *lol*I always post my TTs on Wed... But thats coz I'm in oz and although it's Thursday for me when I post it it's still Wed for most of my readers.

  10. Hehe - I do the same, seeing as I'm in the same timezone as you :)

    My TT's up.

  11. LOVE the Housework thingy...very funny, my dear.
    Many people post early so you don't need to apologize about that!
    I hope you enjoy your NEW Gym and get back into the shape you want to be in! (lol)

  12. HA! I'm going to use that deleting housework thing to delete other things, too. Laundry. Grocery shopping, etc.

  13. LOL, I'm just lucky to get my TT done on Thursday. Maybe if I made myself believe it was a Wednesday Thirteen....?

  14. Oh I'm going to so delete my Housework for the day. ;)

    Have a Happy!

  15. I take mine black.

    Love that houseworking tip!

    I jump on a big trampoline for exercise. Don't have to leave home to do it.

    Mine just washed up.

  16. ahhhh I need to get myself to the gym!!!

  17. I'm trying to get back into a regular exercise routine, too...why is it so hard to make myself do it??

    Love the housework list!

  18. My day is going that direction too...kind of scattered with too many things crammed into it. It's always nice to drop by for a piece of convesation and coffee.

  19. I'd like to go to your old gym that overlooks the palm trees and ocean. Ahhh the ocean! :=D

    That's a good one about housekeeping! lol

  20. Gott love that way of cleaning your house :)
    Happy TT!

  21. OH, #12 was the best! I'm going to do it right now. I guess I can cross the vacuuming off my list for today. :)

  22. Number 12 is brilliant!
    Have a Happy Thursday.

  23. Great T13... I love to wake up to the smell of fresh comments too! :) And wow, am I with you on #6, I have so many digital photos to transfer, back up, and I'm at least 2-3 years behind in printing. It seems to be the task that just keeps slipping, hahaha :)

    Have a great day!

  24. I like to do my T13 at night too.
    HA!I'd Love to delete my housework.
    Then I could do more blogging in the morning! :P
    Happy Thursday!

  25. Good luck with the new exercise program. I'm walking 3 mi. a day but just around here.

    My 13 food triggers are up. And we're using the same banner this week.

  26. I'm always getting my days mixed up, too. Happy T13!

  27. I tried to post earlier but blogger wouldn't let me.

    Thanks for stopping by today...we had a great time even with all those things.

  28. I love that you post the day before because i do too. LOLOL.... :)

  29. I know what you mean about reading fresh new comments in the morning ! I need to start doing my T13 at night b/c sometimes I'm dragging in the AM and it takes FOREVER for me to get it up! :)

    I love the Housework Link! Very cute!

    Hope you have a good weekend! YAY! Tomorrow is Friday!! :)

  30. Sometimes it's annoying this different times, especially for me on Photo Friday. We both are already in Friday and I still don't know what the theme is !
    Must be funny at new year, while we are already in 2007 most of our friends will still be a year behind !
    By the way I've got a "Blog of the Day" award. Was really a surprise to me when I got an email about it. I don't know how and why but I put it proudly on my page !

  31. you are very productive..thanks for posting

  32. We have the same way of cleaning the house!LOL!

    Happy weekend!


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