Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ruby tuesday

* There's no half-singing in the shower, you're either a rock star or an opera diva.”
Josh Groban

I don't sing in the shower, but mainly because I don't take long ones. I am actually a rock star when I drive my car alone. Where do you sing?

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Breaking news: Today is Barbara's birthday!! Have a very happy one, dear Barbara! Find out all about a progressive bday party at Lazy Daisy's, now I am off to party :¬)


  1. I sing nearly everywhere, and BAD you putting Ruby Tuesday as your title now I am going to get an ear worm again ( remember that post from months ago lol)

  2. Ewwwwwwwww ear worms!

    Out partaying it up!

  3. I love to sing too especially when I playing my organ, I sing along with the pieces that I play.
    Thanks for dropping by and celebrating with me Barbara's Bday Bash.

  4. I sing so many places...The Kitchen, The Living Room, The Car, The Bedroom...wherever and whenever I feel like it...though, I don't sing in the shower either...same reason as you, my dear...Short Showers...! (lol)
    I'm going off to check out that progressibe party!

  5. Well I sing to my bird Rosa. I am not sure if she enjoys it or not. She turns her head like she is really listening.

    Take care,

    Wishing Barbara a Happy Birthday.

  6. I'm a car singer too but everyone holds their ears or begs me to stop! LOL

  7. I'm not really sure that I actually hit the rock star status anywhere. I'm more of a "to myself singer" even in the car and shower. Gosh, this makes me sound boring.

  8. i sing at the computer, in the car...not so much the shower though...

    i love your breaking news part!

  9. Oh yeah, I'm a rock star and I sing everywhere. Shower, car, kitchen, grocery store, computer, anywhere. And I've been told that my voice isn't bad either.
    Of course the dogs come running and try to kiss away my pain, so perhaps the people I know have just been kind!

  10. I mostly sing in the car too. Never in the shower because I only take baths, and I never drink coffee, only tea! I'm going to Lazy Daisy's to see what's up.

  11. I sing everywhere....I love to sing!

    Ruby Tuesday is your title....makes me hungry, one of my favorite restruants is named Ruby Tuesdays!

    Thanks for stopping by at the party!

  12. I'm like you - I definitely always sing in the car, but sometimes I forget that the roof is off until I notice everyone is giving me funny looks!

  13. Hi Mar :-)

    Enjoy Pirates, my dear.....it's a swashbuckling barrel of fun!

    Time to start studying Depp 1.01!

    And if you ever get around to Crybaby - it'll give you plenty to sing about!

    I don't sing in the shower - but I do roar away to myself in the car!



  14. To answer your question, I think the fish must have already been asleep b/c nobody caught a thing.

  15. I sing in the car too, mar, but not rock. I am singing old standards and jazz.....LOL

  16. I sing in the shower and in the car. I'm a little more subdued in the car because I'm always aware of other people's stares... (I know... I shouldn't care... but I do..)

    But in the shower I am a total uninhibited ROCK STAR! :-)

  17. I sing everywhere. That doesn't mean I should, though. Shower, car, grocery store. . . . My constant humming drives my kids crazy.

    I'm here from Michele's.

  18. I rock out in the car too! But I do sing in the shower - due to the nice acoustics. :) I sing in the living room, dancing like no one is watching. :) I sing everywhere!

  19. Thank you for visiting me today!
    (via Michele)

    That's a great quote from Josh Groban. I'd have never guessed he said that in a million years!


  20. I sing all the time. I sing like a rock star when no one else can hear.

    Thanks for joining the birthday bash!