Friday, June 09, 2006


Life is full of surprises...

Some aren't fun at all like blogger has shown us in the past two days...Trying to post, then trying to write (great) comments only to find out the page doesn't load, the code is missing, ...who am I telling this! you know it too! and that's why I still have a few Thirteeners to visit ( I don't link and run, it was all blogger's fault!!).

But there are positive surprises as well: I got an invitation yesterday ( I am clueless why) to join the All *Blog* Stars, which started...yesterday! a great, fun idea, check it out!

All of the above: if, and only if, blogger plays along today. Good luck!

And another internet surprise, sold through ebay ... seen elsewhere, I wonder how they ever found this...


  1. love the idea that if the ex wants his stuff back he has to place a bid. Fantastic idea.
    blogger has been driving me up the wall as well - did not manage to leave comments at all T13 either... shame.

  2. Sure hope it isn't " the remains" of their last relationship as in their ashes! Yuk! You are an all and always, congrats!

  3. Very creative ebay auction. Love it. And blogger has been getting my goat too. I'm thinking about actually *gasp* paying and seting up my own server.

    Here by way of Michele's. Happy weekend.

  4. Hilarious Ebay Auction..! What willsomeone think of next?(lol)
    Congrats on your All Star Status, Mar...Have fun with that...!

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  6. Oh gosh I saw something like that in my email box and I think I deleted it. I went to the site just now, but the mail link is not working :(
    If you could leave me the info I'd appreciate it.
    Mucho Thanks,

  7. The ebay item was too funny! She is a very smart thinker!

    Blogger was a bit of a crank yesterday but I did lots in the AM before it crashed. Today so far seems to be holding on. We will see what happens after 12 noon when the lunch crowd checks in!

  8. Just stopped by from someone's TT. Don't know exactly how that works. "mar"

  9. finally, i managed to post the pictures - after 11 hours!!!! una pasada! pero bueno... que se le va a hacer?

  10. one surprise after another!! good to see some good one, though -- :)

  11. I agree that Blogger has been a bit bonkers over the last few days. I dumped a couple of potential posts after long hangups.

    Speaking of dumping, the ebay auction is a work of art. We've all heard of Tracy Emin's bed; this could be another (smaller) installation.

    Excellent. (& I too had one of those email invitations so shall have a play later!)

  12. The "ex" ebay thingy is hilarious!! Some of the auctions on there are just too funny!

    I got an invite to be a *star* too...I posted my intro today!

  13. I got an invite too but haven't been able to do anything about it just yet.
    Not only is blogger playing up so is Technorati ( see my last post lol)
    Good thing I didn't do TT this week I would have been far too frustrated.

  14. Yeah - blogger has been a pain. Thank goodness I moved my blogs to WP :).
    Congrats on the invitation. I am somtimes really surprised about what people sell on ebay.
    Don't forget the Blog Olympic Training Camp coming up this next week at My Lighter Side :).

  15. What a fun expression of community.

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)


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