Monday, March 06, 2006

monday madness

Get your questions here

1. How many hobbies do you have?
I have a couple...
2. Name at least one of your hobbies.
You are looking at it :)
3. What do you like about your hobby?
It's entertaining, I have met people around the world I wouldn't have otherwise. And it is relaxing, but if and only if blogger is playing along...!
4. What keeps you from spending more time on any one of your hobbies?
Although I am my own boss I have responsibilities and activities- and only 24 hours a day...
5. Do you have any hobbies that you haven't taken up yet, but would like to?
Photography. Gardening. Learning the serious facts about them.
6. Have you ever decided to give up a hobby? If so, why?
I gave up collecting stamps. I started as a child and then never really took it seriously . Then at one time a charity organization was asking for stamps for a children's project and that was the end of my own collection and maybe the beginning of new ones for a few children.

Which are your hobbies? Do you enjoy movies and did your favorite film/actor this year win an Oscar?


  1. I love to scrapbook and I think that is a hobby... right?

    I'm glad you picked up blogging. It's awesome to meet so many people!

  2. I chuckled my way through the quizzes ... I have a blue brain.

    Thanks for popping by ... lol my long name is all about me being a bit of a blogging gumbie when I started out :)

  3. Hello from Michele's!!

    I love scrapbooking. And photography!

    Have a great day!

  4. I used to have hobbies. Then I had kids. ;)

    Seriously, when make the time I'm an amateur photographer, quilter, writer (blog and otherwise), avid reader and so on.

    Michele sent me over today to share that with you.

  5. The hobby I spend the most time on is reading. I love to read, especially mysteries with female sleuths. I enjoy seeing movies but rarely do because my husband has such a hard time sitting still for 2 hrs, ha ha.

  6. I love reading blogs. I only started last week and now I can barely tear myself away.

    Other than blogging, life seems mostly taken up with work and trying to remember the children's names and not muddling them up with those of the pets.

  7. I have several hobbies...Blogging being one, doing floral designs another, scrapbooking, soapmaking...shoot...I like hobbies! LOL

    Enjoyed reading your monday madness!!

  8. Very interesting post. You are a great party guest and wonderful blogger. It is nice to have friends all over the world.

  9. Do I enjoy movies hmm do I really need to answer that and YES it did win an Oscar but only one :)

  10. Quite a few hobbies...Blogging being one of you, Mar, I used to collect coins, but I didn't really get into it the way you need to, except for maybe a few years, and then...I don't reallyknow what happened but it just didn't interest me anymore...Funny how that can happen with certain things, isn't it?


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