Monday, February 20, 2006

The Mont Blanc experience:episode 1

On our way to our ski vacation, we stopped for lunch at this lovely little place, which is called St Nazaire-en-Royans. We know the cutest restaurant with a fine menu I always enjoy. It is off the highway, 2-way roads where the farmers also directly sell their walnuts. Grenoble walnuts, they are the best, so they say. They taste wonderful, I know that! Three walnuts a day are my protein supplement as I hardly eat any red meat.

We arrived with sunshine but at the end of the week our lodging looked like this:

We had a 2-bedroom apartment with a kitchenette where we could prepare our breakfast and meals. The bakery was right around the corner but one could order at the hotel the evening before and get baguettes and goodies delivered at the hotel reception. Nothing tops a fresh baguette from a French bakery! (but I am open -minded: what's your favorite?) We packed our lunch to go out skiing and went out to have cheese fondue three times! in one week, because that's the only dinner the Mar boys want to have while skiing in France. It is wonderfully served not only with the bread pieces but also with tiny baked potatoes and green salad. I am happy with some fondue, say 4 forks! (it is a heavy meal even if you have been out in the cold all day) and a huge salad with nearly anything in it ,except for raw onions- because they don't agree with me!

This is the hotel entrance. They did light up the fireplace in the evenings, it created a friendly atmosphere. The hotel also had a swimming pool which only Mr. Mar visited this time, swimming is a good exercise for his back. But the water temperature was below my minimum requirements...

The  blue chandelier was a centerpiece. Something I loved in its place, would never fit in my home, though. Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa And this is what the doors looked like, wonderful handicraft, a different mountain picture for every apartment door. I must mention this place was booked! Skiers and non-skiers from all over.Who skied during the day and watched the Winter Olympics otherwise! And next we are going for a walk in Chamonix.


  1. FIRST LOL. Ski holidays sound fun but unfortunately I'm alergic to the cold LOL. Michele sent me once but I keep coming back.

  2. Hi Scouser - I can only stand the cold (and snow) if I am skiing, I hate it otherwise! must be all those years spent in northern Germany...!!

  3. So glad you're back! Thanks for sharing all that chilly holiday joy. Not so here in Sunny sydney - it's been 30+degrees (centigrade)here for weeks now - hot, hot, hot!

  4. Wow! Very cozy looking place. I'd like to have the chance to experience the snow. From where I live, we are now experiencing the summer heat.

    Enjoy your stay there! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  5. Europe is so beautiful and nothing beats french bakery goodies - bread, pastries, etc...
    Yummy yummy!!!

    I am glad you all had a great vacation!

  6. Looks like a great place to be, and a great excuse to drink fun things like hot chocolate.

    I would love the walnuts, too. Sometimes I think I would really hate it if I had a peanut allergy.:(

    Thanks for hopping in...feel free to swing by anytime!:)

  7. What a wonderful trip. I LOVE skiing!!!

    I've missed you ... welcome home.


  8. of my biggest dreams is to visit spain..............

  9. What a lovely lodge! It looks so cozy...
    The village picture is stunning too...I must get to Europe again soon!

  10. i am so jealous! what a wonderful experience! :)

  11. Wow, what a great vacation. Can't go wrong with fresh french bread and fondue!! I admire your restraint - I would never be able to stop at only 3 walnuts. :)

  12. Beautiful pictures....sounds just lovely!!

    The blue lamp looks like blue it!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous, it makes me want to jump on a plane to my friends house in Switzerland. J actually hops on a train and does her grocery shopping in France half the time, I love it :)

  14. I hate snow but it looks like a nice place! Glad you had fun.

  15. It's just thrilling to visit these wonderful places I would never see otherwise...I love the pictures Mar, and can't wait to see more. That chandelier is quite anazing,,,it woiuld fit in my house either but ut sure looks fabulous where it is...and the doors, too! Beautiful!

    I LOVE Cheese Fondue....and must be quite glorious there in France!

  16. I love the look of that hotel and the blue chandelier is an unexpected item there.

    I have minimum r4equirements for swimming pools too, Mar....83* no less!

  17. Hey was just rolling thru wanted to let ya know ya got a cool blog here Nice Job.


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