Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Four on Tuesday

1. I now have a virtual pet... meet Neko on this site, upper left.

Hi, I'm Neko. If you want to play chase the mouse, just click on me..
To stop playing, click me again.

Click only once on Neko and move your mouse around the site, any direction, he'll graciously run across the screen. Watch him also after you click again to stop playing. Isn't he cute? Just what this blog needed, right?
(Double-click on Neko to go to the pet shop!)

2. Look for a new European search engine: Quaero ( I search in Latin ), coming up in february. Another link here.

3. If you love to vote, there is another blog competition hosted here . I read this at Oreo's, who is nominated. Such competitions are a great way to find interesting blogs in different categories , although there are too many wonderful blogs and way too little time to read them!
Update: Killired has been nominated!

4. Today is my nameday. Search yours right here and tell me if you have one day too.


  1. i went to the pet shop but the virtual phython swallowed my virtual cat. Now i'm virtually beside myself.

    Michele sent me!

  2. Yes, too many good blogs and not enough time to read them.

  3. hello! I'm here because Wendy directed me here. Great blog you have! :-)

  4. I can't take one more Blog Competition! Too Too Much!

    Neko is adorable! And he looks so darling when he's following the mouse....

    Always good to see what's happening in Spain, Mar...

  5. Hey girl, Wendy sent me :) But i love your pet. I had one but it messed up my side bar!


  6. I have no name day. :( Thanks for the link! I think I'm gonna get me one of those pets, it was fun chasing him while Mom was trying to read!

  7. thanks for the blog competition link... I'm up for another one! your little pet is adorable... much cuter than the 2 that i have on mine!

  8. My name day is September 22nd. I never knew. Thanks!

    Oh, and love the quote to the side and your comment today.

  9. I can't make him work! Where did you put it in the code & which code did you use?

  10. Just stoping by to say hi,no virtual pets for me, I have enough trouble with the real ones lol.
    did you figure out that TT blogroll problem yet ?

  11. Oreo - I left you a comment.
    Wendy - thanks for asking. I e-mailed Nicole and she solved the problem!

  12. Neko is adorable! And I have 6 different name days from Poland to Hungary to Lithuania...cool!

    Wendy sent me.

  13. Neko is cute! I got rid of Prissy Pig because she took up a lot of room on the page, but Neko is tiny.

    My name day is May 5th (I think that is what it said).

  14. I've tried & tried & he just won't show up.... :(

  15. Thanks for auditioning, the winner is up :)You better check :)

  16. Neko seems to have escaped?
    No longer visible?
    We'd better start a search party.


  17. Neko is cute and I have *2* name days! One of which was Monday...shoot! Now I'll have to wait until June 7th. Put it in your datebook! I'm here from Michele's!

  18. Glad some of you found a nameday you didn't know of!

    Rashbre- did you scare Neko away for a second? he is here now!

  19. My name day is in Norway and Sweden on 20 March. Cool

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