Tuesday, February 12, 2008

two on tuesday

ONE: I love feline features and poses, this Chilean cat was just waiting for me to have his picture taken...

TWO: our wonderful Hootin' Anni graciously gave me this lovely Valentine. Thank you very much, Anni, this encouragement should definitely get me back on the blogging track!


  1. Cats always have a look of mystery about them. This one is beautiful.

    How sweet of Annie to send you that valentine. Those vintage ones are the best!!!


  2. Your cat picture is really nice ! I know it is very difficult to get an expression in a cat's face, sometimes I have to make 10 pictures before one is coming out like I want to.
    It's also a beautiful cat, with permanent eyeliner, lol !
    I just published my compiled News if ever you want to know what happens in the world. I even discovered Obama's kenyian grandma !

  3. Great feline post. Glad you got a boost from Anni's valentine. I enjoy your blog so much. I hope you are feeling better. I hated your having the issue with your hands when you typed that you mentioned some time ago.

  4. Cats are so tough, but you captured a great pose!

  5. I just LOVE that kitty! I'm torn between wanting to cuddle it and just leaving it to look so pretty.

    and your valentine is very nice too.

  6. That is a gorgeous cat and such a great pic of him. he looks almost regal!

    Congrats on the award!

  7. That is a very sleek and elegant kitty! Nice photo.

  8. That cat is beautiful and very wise-looking!

  9. They sure make kitties purrrrrty in Chile!

  10. That Chilean cat is great.
    I love his dignified pose.


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