Thursday, September 27, 2007

Th Thirteen [ 59] : Thursday randomness

  • today is my mom's 71st birthday
  • she is a retired elementary school teacher
  • because we live so far away I will be calling her up this
  • to wish her the happiest of birthdays!
  • I miss family celebrations *sigh*
  • Mr Mar has a mild case of lumbago
  • He needs help to put on socks and shoes...
  • but he doesn't have time to go to the doctor...
  • Nurse Yours Truly has prescribed Ibuprofen
  • My gym class begins next Tuesday
  • I know already my whole body will ache on Wednesday!
  • It's hard to keep track when the items are not numbered.
  • But I think my list is done now. Happy thirteening!

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  1. With such a sweet wife acting as a caring nurse, why should he go to the doctor ? I am afraid the lumbago will last for a while !

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom! I hope she has a great day. :) Enjoy your gym class next week. My mom is a certified group fitness instructor, so she loves fitness classes!

  3. Happy birthday to your mom. I also live very far from my family, it can be really hard to miss all those occasions.

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom!!
    Thanks for visiting my Tink TT.

  5. Happy Birthday to you mom & I hope your gym class is fun!

    Have a great Thursday! :)

  6. Many happy returns to your mother! I hope she has a great birthday. I also hope your hubby feels better soon. It's miserable having to work when you're not feeling great.

  7. Fun list - Happy Birthday to your mom and I prescribe Ibuprofen to you as well next Tuesday before the workout - it may help with the Wednesday. LOL

  8. Happy birthday to your Mom! Hope you both have a great Thursday!

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom!!!! :)

    I'm sorry Mr.Mar is having pain. I hope it passes fast!

    Thanks for your words on my blog!!! :)

    Happy TT!

  10. Happy Birthday to ur mom
    Hope you have a great time with her on the special day
    And good luck for your fitness regime :D
    Have fun, Happy TT

  11. Happy birthday to your mom and happy gym class next Tuesday. :)

    Happy TT


  12. Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    Hope Hubby feels better soon!

  13. Happy birthday to your mom! Sorry you're too far to celebrate with her in person.

  14. Ohhhhhhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mama Mar! I hope she has a WILD and FUN day!

    Poor Mr. Mar... I forget what lumbago is ... I'm going to have to google it... but it sounds like it must be painful! I hope he feels better soon.

  15. I wish your mother the Happiest of Birthdays. All the best.

    Ibuprophen sounds like the correct thing to use for your hubby. So hope he feels better very soon.


  16. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

    I hope your Mr feels better soon and your gym class is a lot of fun!

  17. Happy B-day to your mom:) And Happy TT to you:)

  18. Happy birthday to your mom!

    Hope your hubby feels better soon! That's no fun!

    Have fun in fitness class....try not to get to sore! ;)

  19. German mom not: I have to work fast or the blog icon thing bumps me off when I'm on my laptop. Happy Birthday to your mom. Enjoy (is that the right word?) the gym and I hope your hubby feels better soon. My husband's dad was born in Germany.

  20. Happy Birthday for your Mom, I hope she will have many happy joyful years to come :-)

    Gym class - YUK ;-)

    Oh, poor Mr Mar! Back pain is never ever fun, very difficult to have. With my bad back I know very well how it is.

    Ibuprofen sounds like good to start with. I hope it will help fast.

  21. Happy birtday to your mom. Love the way you bulleted your list :)

  22. You must miss your mom. I know I miss mine...sigh. Birthdays aren't the same when they involve a plane trip, are they?

  23. Today is my Mo's 75th Birthday is yours a firecracker like mine? 8 of my 10 siblings are in town!!

  24. I love the once or twice yearly big gatherings we do. any more than that is more than i can handle though.

  25. Congrats your Mother from Anna and Tor - lovers of Chile.

    Mr Mar - Lumbago - OMG - I know how that hurts. Take care of him. Else you will both suffer. I can tell from own experiences.

    We will be in Amsterdam this weekend... so I did post a Fun with Spam.

    have a jolly good weekend

  26. Sorry I got here so late..BUT, I was "entertaining" today...another 'Ladies Who Lunch'...A Very Happy Birthday to yoyr Mom....I cannot believe I am five years older than her...! I could be your how could that be? I think of us a contemporaries (lol)...Oh Well....

    Poor Mr. Mar....I feel fir him, I really do....Hope he feels better very very soon!

  27. Mr Mar is having a rehearsal for later years and a reminder to take care of your health. Happy Birthday to your Mom. She's but a whipper snapper - in other words younger than me. Michele sent me once more.

  28. I didn't know you were a nurse, gosh, I learn something new every day.

    Happy birthday Mar's mom!

  29. A Very Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, too!


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