Thursday, July 06, 2006

22nd thursday 13

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just thirteen things

01. I participated in a TT for the very first time with an old blog in Nov 05
02. Moved to the current url in january and this is my 22nd TT here!!
03. Never counted them before but I read the question on the TT site. How about you, how many weeks have you participated? Isn't this addictive?
04. It's been too hot for any exercise outdoors.
05. It's been too hot for any exercise indoors.
06. I think you get the picture...
07. I have been watching the World Cup 2006, though, does it count as some type of exercise?
08. I can relax now that Germany didn't qualify to play the final game on sunday... Update: I wish they would have made it, now it's "just" a final game, Germany is playing Portugal on saturday hoping for a 3r place...
09. Oh, World Cup. It only happens every four years, my nerves couldn't take it if this happened every year! I have two football fans at home, they watch football/soccer all the time and I join them only on special games.
10. I have been looking for a new fridge...ours is only 4 years old but it decided to retireme early and is not working well, needs to be replaced. Great timing, huh?
11. I expect a fridge to last at least 8 years. I actually have that number in my head because I read somewhere that 8 years was the average expected life of large appliances...
12. and here we are waiting for our 17-year-old tv set to give up on us so that we can go ahead and buy a new one, flat screen and all. It will probably last another 17 years...
13 .
Colleen had a great bubble wrap link last week, just enjoyable! here is another one: the ultimate bubble wrap to play with !

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  1. I'm thinking a fridge should last 10-12 years, easy. how irritating!! my TT is up.

  2. How totally fun...I'm a bubble wrap addict. I tell my hubby it's cheaper than therapy! So sorry about Germany not making the final...we were hoping they would take it this year.

  3. In my experience, a fridge should last about 20 years. We had our first one over 25 years, and then sold it--it's probably still running.

    My TT is up.

  4. I guess I'm niave. I think a fridge should last at least 10 years maybe 15!

  5. i like your plain and simple t13 this week! was probably a lot easier than an organized, themed t13 huh? well mine is a theme that's been on my mind since last week but i was so busy last week i didnt get a chance to do it...

    oh and it's really a t26 this week!

  6. Ummm dunno how many weeks. A few. I like it. TT is fun.

    Have a great day!

  7. It's been to hot to do anything outside here too, that's what I say anyhow!!

    Sorry Germany lost, but it was a great game wasn't it?

    Happy Thursday, my TT is up!

  8. Hi. I loved the bubble wrap link - especially on manic mode! Great therapy :-) Isn't it just typical taht a fridge gives up just as it gets hot? Thanks for visiting me last week btw.

  9. the fridge in my dad's house is older than be by a year or two. im already 26 years old. sorry for that.

    my list is up!

  10. So another football / soccer lover... Well, I think you could be my dad's friend... He too hate the German team and is quite happy now that they are out...

    A fridge lasts atleast 15 - 20 years in my experience, and so does a television. So if you want something new... just get it...
    The things we want to last always conk off early & those we want to replace last forever...

  11. it is addictive....I have no clue how many times I played. I think I might check.
    in the meantime, my tt is up

  12. This is my 20th week playing. I will miss my first one next week while on vacation! I have two fans aimed at me when I do my walk on the treadmill. It is indeed hot but I am not going to let that stop me!

    My TT is up. Have a terrific Thursday!

  13. I get the exercise thing...too HOT and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!
    Good luck on finding a new fridge. I am lusting after one of those three door jobbies. It has the two doors on top and the freezer on the bottom. But my fridge is still working so I guess I will just continue to lust!

    My list is up.

  14. Wow...only 4 years? A fridge should last much longer. Have you been abusing it? ;)

  15. Bubble wraps are so interesting to play with. Once you get hold of it, you don't seem to stop.
    Like your T13 banner. It makes me thirsty.
    My T13 is up too.

  16. Doesn't watching the world cup and wimbledon count as exercise?? I thought it did!!

  17. You are funny :) - just another game - hehe. You are right - now the place 3 is sounding pretty good. Yeah, I couldn't take more than every four years - heart give out.
    Our fridge lasted the past 11 years, but it slowly going...
    Too hot here as well, even with A/C.
    Have a great Thursday - gotta run to get ready for work *sigh*.

  18. The bubble wrap is perpetual! I'm not sure they have the right POP sound though.

    I have to go count my 13's now! Mine are timed for 3 minutes.

  19. Oh, I do so loves me some bubble wrap! I have to do it in private though ... I think it's probably annoying as all hell to others. (Is it?)

    Have a great Thursday!

  20. Great list!! I am going to have to go and count my TT now. Our fridge is 7 years old...I've never heard the 8yo thing. I WISH it would give out....

    My TT is up here.

  21. In the same vein as "A watched kettle never boils"... "A TV you hope will die soon is going to last forever".

    And I hope you and your football-crazy family will be supporting Italy on Sunday night! Forza azzurri!

  22. This week is my 12th TT. And the most frustrating. ARGH.

    We were NOT HAPPY here either with Germany's loss. *sigh*

  23. My fridge has been here 15 years. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop. :)

  24. its been way to hot to exercise outside here too, but today is beautiful!

  25. I think this is my 3rd or 4th week doing the T13, it's great fun!

  26. funny you talked about longevity of fridges. My grandma's lasted FORTY YEARS - i kid you not!!! It was robust. When i was growing up i thought it was ugly, but as it works out its design is back in fashion now!
    And who can exercise in this heat - i totally agree with you: watching the footie is much better.
    I am playing today, my TT is up:

  27. I didn't count mine either until that post at the hub.. this is week 23 (if I counted right :) )

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy 13 :)

  28. Wow, 22 TT's, that is great! I think this is only my 4th week to play :)

    My fridge is 13 years old, washer and dryer are 18, and all still going strong. Some days, I wish they would break so I could go get a new one! I keep telling the DH that the new ones would be much more energy efficient, but he ain't buying it, LOL!

    Have a great day, my T13 is up now too...

  29. My mom used to LOVE to pop bubble wrap! She probably makes it part of her day up in heaven :-)

  30. our dryer just gave up last weekend and it was not yet 5 years old... so I know how you feel!

  31. Love the bubble wrap link.
    Our fridge went to the happy hunting ground about 12 years after we inherited from a couple who had it over 15 years!
    Give Ralph Nader a shout ;)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care,

  32. I have a tv set I bought at J.C.Penneys 32 years ago that still has as good a picture as it did the day I bought it. The new one I bought 2 years ago has already died on me.

  33. I suppose I should count up the TT's I did, because I've done my last.

  34. I really should count my TTs!

    MB wanted a new television, I pointed out the one we have works fine. He said 'but it's not widescreen - we lose about an inch on either side' I asked if that was worth £1500 (how much a new WS one would cost!). He said no.....

    Why does a woman get married in white? Well, all the kitchen appliances are white! :-)

    My TT is up.......

  35. It's too hot to do anything here inside/or outside. The kids could swim for hours, but I'm done in about 10 min. Our fridge,dryer and washer lasted about 10yrs, but they gave out all at the same time.
    Have a great Thursday!

  36. My fridge was kinda wa sreplaced arounda year ago.The replacement was the same make and size (to fit inside a builtin area). Strangely the new one seems to take less contents.

    Bad luck about Germany, I've decided to support Italy now.


  37. Hello Mar! all my appliances last so long I wish they would break so I could get new ones with all the latest features. My refrigerator is 17 years old, works great.

  38. I've been doing T13s for four weeks and I'm already hooked! TV is six years old and the picture still works but not the sound! The way my husband and I get around that is to hook an amp and a pair of speakers up to it. So maybe that way it will last 11 more years. We can only hope LOL.

  39. love to play with bubble wrap!!!!
    hope you get a break in the heat soon, we did but of course it will be heading back up to triple digits this weekend they say.
    my tt is up.

  40. I have been dreaming of those fridge's that they always give out on Extreme Home Makeover where the top section has two doors and is the fridge part and the bottom section is a drawer and is the freezer--just in case you were wondering! :)

  41. New appliances just don't last as long as they used to. We had a TV that lasted over 20 years and I think my parent's have the same fridge that they've always had, probably about 30 years or older. Our fridge was given to us by my Pop so it's old but it's kicking on well.

    Maybe if your TV lasts to long you could put it in another room and get yourselves a flat screen one?!


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