Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I always carry in my purse , randomly listed

01. wallet
02. keys
03. Lipstick, lipbalm
04. kleenex
05. cell phone
06. small water bottle
07. hand cream
08. candy. Sugarless Werther's original
09. reading glasses
10. post-it (just in case I have a bright
idea when I am not in front of my pc...)
11. pen
12. agenda
13. digital cam, a blogger's companion

Am I missing one of your essential items??
Your very own additions to the essential 13 - thank you very much!: 2 diapers, a few wipes, a bottle, a toy, and a bib. Tampon. Some small change for payphone (just in case your mobile battery goes flat or you're in an area with no coverage) or some other emergency. Seasick pills and aspirin. Wet wipes, sun glasses (n.R: I forgot to mention I always wear my sun glasses when going out. This is Spain, you know!). Receipts that hang around for months (just in case ;o)). An iPod.Spare car keys and a jawclip.

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  1. I LOVE your list! I'll have to remember this one for the future!

    I stayed up late, it's 130am here, to complete my T13 and it took a looooong time... check it out and you'll see why: Killired: T13

  2. Well, since I have a baby, I also cram in 2 diapers, a few wipes, a bottle, a toy, and a bib. On pricipal i do not carry a diaper bag OR a huge purse, but my purse is pretty stuffed! My 13 are up!

  3. Your list is pretty much the same as mine would be :)
    My Thirteen

  4. Hola, Mar! Como esta, amiga? That's about all I can recall for now. LOL. I'm Kat and brand new to T13. Enjoying it so far. BTW, I like your blog's look and feel: v. clean and stream-lined. Your photos are interesting, too! Adios, bella. Hasta la vista. ;-)

  5. Wow! I carry almost the same thing in my bag.

    Thank you for stopping at my site. Aloha!

  6. Tampon.
    Hey... you gotta have one at all times.

    Happy Thursday!
    Mine are up.
    Diary of the Nello

  7. Oh, you are so right, Kelly. Thanks for the addition to the list!!

  8. Good list Mar. In theory I would agree to pretty much all of those, plus owlhaven's additions, but.... In practise I rarely even remember to take my bag out with me, never mind put anything in it!

    My TT are up

  9. looks like you got them all..Did you say kleenex??? I've forgotten already!! (LOL)

  10. One extra thing you may need is some small change for payphone (just in case your mobile battery goes flat or you're in an area with no coverage) or some other emergency.
    My TT

  11. THE PEN. I always loose the pen.

    Mine are up!


  12. Seasick pills and asprin. You never know. :-)

  13. Women. Aren't we all the same?!

    Great list!

    Thanks for visiting my list today :p

  14. Please look at my 13

  15. Gee, I wish I could have a purse! :) My 13 are up!

  16. Sounds like the contents of my bag as well with the exception of the digital camera. I leave that at home BUT you can bet my cell is a cam phone, lol. Never miss a photo op right?

    Happy TT! Mine are up!

    Almost An Angel

  17. I think you covered everuthing I carry! Except for all the receipts that hang around for months (just in case ;o))

    And have you heard 'the state of a woman's handbag is a reflection of the state of her mind'? I'm not posting any pictures of mine!!

  18. I always have a pen in my purse. But when I go to get it I can't find it, then I will find it a t another time! I will be doing my thirteen soon.

  19. This is a great idea for a list! I'd never be able to fit all that in my purse, lol :)
    My 13

  20. You must have a big purse. I try to carry as little as possible. But then I don't many places, so it isn't a problem!

    My 13 are up!

  21. A woman cannot live without her bag!! ;o) Mine are up.

  22. Spare car keys, as I'm prone to lock my regular ones in the car. I also like to have a jawclip in case I want to put my hair up.

    I'm playing 13 Thursday tag too!

  23. Hey Mar - Interesting 13's. I can't name that many things in my purse unless I have a few grocery receipts left in there.

    Celin in France - I guess she's popular. I'd rather go see Shania in my lovely town of Montreux. I was so shocked to see where she lived and enjoyed looking at her "hut" every time I passed it on the train.

  24. Would you believe I don't even own a purse? It's true!

    My 13 are up

  25. Mar- to answer your question you left on my and credit card go in my back pocket, and keys go in my jacket pocket. I *do* have a wallet-type-thingy that has additional things like my drivers license, atm card, coupons, things like that, but that usually just stays in the car just in case I need it. My co-worker is always laughing at me when we go to eat and all I bring is my credit card in my back pocket...she's always saying what a minimalist I am. LOL I just don't like to have to carry anything, that's all! haha

  26. I always have my asthma med in my pocket.

    My 13:

  27. I have only a small purse so only the bare essentials make it in.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  28. I always find great pics. and never have my camera w. me.

    i"m UP!

  29. I ALWAYS carry a small tube of hand lotion in my certainly comes in handy.

    I've been toying with the idea of buying a handheld digital camera to keep in my purse. I have a Canon Rebel digital camera that I take around a lot, but it has it's own bag (that I sometimes use for a purse! LOL)

    And there are moments on the street or in the store that defy written just have to see to believe! LOL.

    Thanks for visiting my 13!

  30. I'm up now - and I don't think I have 13 things in my bag.....


  31. Great idea for a list!

    My list of things in my purse would pretty much be the same.

    Happy TT

    Hugs Suz

  32. Looks very similar to mine. But I have some gum, crumbs, loose change, several pencils, hand cleaner, and if I'm on vacation, a disposable camera.

    Do you have keys you can't identify? I do.

    My TT is up.

  33. I love it!!! Excellent, excellent, excellent.

    Wow. That would be why I don't have a purse.

    Mine is up too.

    See you soon!

  34. I have tons of tissues, but they're used. Should I have just admitted that? lol

    And I begged and pleaded with hubby to buy me a smaller digital camera so I could carry it around in my purse. It's AMAZING the number of photo ops when you're out and about.

    Happy Thursday!

    My TT is up.

  35. Your purse sounds like mine! Except #8 - I like my candy FULL of sugar.

    I also always seem to have 400 hair clips for my daughter and at LEAST two Polly Pockets (those are for me). ;)

    Love the list! Thanks for the visit!

    Here's mine Cheeky Lotus

  36. Love the list...what would we do without the handy dandy purse???

    my TT is up

  37. Great list! Hmm, but is my purse the only one always littered with crayons(for amusing the kids in the car, or where ever)? lol

    I am playing TT for the first tie today :)

  38. very good list..I won't be with my digital camera either. I should use this idea for next week. mine are up too Stacie

  39. Your purse must be full lol, I carry almost everything you do as well. Except no camera or agenda. ;0) But I add in lots of old receipts, empty mint boxes, and the straw paper covers. ;0)

    Nice list

    The Green Straw

    Virenda is my first name not a disease :0)

  40. That's a great list! I have a small Bible I carry with me. I'll have to remember this for a theme one week.

    Happy TT!

  41. I don't have room for all that stuff - just my wallet, cell phone and TOYS. UghGinger’s Blog

  42. Great list, and I liked other items mentioned...seems like you pretty well have it covered.

  43. Oh I miss carrying a purse. I have been carrying a diaper bag for so many years that a purse has been obsolete.

    Fun list!

  44. Well I never carry a purse, though when I was in my 20's I carried around a nice leather bag - that looked like a laptop bag but was full of books and stuf..

    Now I carry a backpack to meetings alot. It has a firstaid kit in it as well as paper and pens.

  45. Hahaha, yup, I carry way too much in my purse too, LOL! Happy TT!

  46. I always carry eye glass lense cleaner wet wipe thingys...the bain of being a full time glasses wearer!

    My very first ever T13 is at:

    (sorry, haven't quite figured out how to make it a live link yet).

  47. My purse is called a diaper bag. So I carry a bunch of stuff that I really don't need and am amazed about finding them when I do!!!

  48. Fun idea! I actually don't carry a purse, but I keep a backpack with me at all times. It has a notebook, various pens and pencils, whatever paperback I've been reading, and a ton of other stuff.

  49. yes, you are missing quite a few.
    dried fruit
    my 13 are up

  50. Great list, seems like the standard stuff. mine aren't up, but I've enjoyed reading yours!

  51. Too funny - great list - and concise too!
    I am afraid to sump my purse out and look to see what's in it...
    Probably somethings that would run if I tried to catch them...
    Here are my 13!

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