Tuesday, July 31, 2007

window shopping

One of the things I enjoy in life is... window shopping!!! and I love the little shops in the Alpine villages, they have the cutest things and beautiful handiwork. Below is a tiny example and notice the round dark wooden pot at the bottom of the second picture. (click to enlarge!)

It is a grolle, a wooden dish with pouring spouts to drink from, you see at the bottom one for two and right above it one for 6 people. A grolle is served filled 2/3 with hot coffee, 1/3 eau de vie, orange or lemon peel, a bit of sugar too. Flambé it, there you go. See a French description here and a recipe here . Each person gets a spout assigned and the grolle is passed around after a meal or simply for a drink, as the evening goes by I assume no one cares about using the assigned spout to drink from...!! Cheers!

And last but not least: a warm welcome to Miss Wings and her casting call, join the fun and play!

Update, because some of you have asked: no, I didn't buy a grolle. Because I don't need more decorative objects around the house! and also because I have learned such things are fun where they belong to, in their own habitat. Grolles belong to the mountains and would feel lost near the ocean where I live. Funny thing that some of you mentioned the germs, that's what keeps me from getting wooden objects for cooking...!


  1. I love little shops like that too :) I had never heard of a grolle before so now I have learnt something!

    Just bumped into you at Michele's so I high-tailed it over here :)

  2. I love to window shop, especially when I am in other places not my usual stomping ground. It's so much fun, isn't it?

  3. Those grolles are fantastic --- tell me you bought one??

    Visiting down the comment line at Michele's today...

  4. Hic, hic ! just tried it ! The drink is good but I don't like to drink at the same thing with 6 other people (and everybody spits in there) Your pictures are really nice ! I'll go to Eastbourne (England) for a week visiting friends and am very happy it's just such a beautiful place hopefully the weather will be good. But worse then here is not possible this night we had 4 ° !!

  5. I love shops like that too, I can spend hours just looking, ofcourse it's much better if I have money and can do more than window shop.
    Visiting today VIA Miss Wendy.

  6. LOL! The only problem I have with window shopping is ... I have a hard time staying on the right side of the window!

    I am SURE that today's MODERN grolles come complete with built in micro-filters to prevent germs and backwash from reaching the drink inside! RIGHT? LOL!

  7. I love little shops like that too! I had never seen one of those things before.

  8. Yes, Mar! The windows shops at mountain are very beautiful! I find always the nicest things there! You know my mother in law is from a small mountain village near Moutiers Salins. The spirit is good when the weather is cold,no? After a big walk in Alpen!

  9. I love to window shop it is the cheapest way lol.
    Love that little shop it looks like they have a lot of fun and interesting items.

  10. Here from Wendey's my dear...! You know what is funny...There was a time when I would have LOVED this grolle(?)...But now, all I can think of is the germs passed from one person to another...LOL! Well, you have to understand, I am so subject to "picking up" an infection....it's why I cannot go anywhere anymore...Anyway....that is a BEAUTIFUL Bowl...Did you get one, my dear?

  11. I love window shopping, too!
    Wendy directed me here today!


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