Monday, December 11, 2006

yet another sunset...

I can't get enough of them... this one is saturday's, still the Med but this time only with the locals, the hobby fisher were out there too (on the left side), some people like us just there for a walk (on the right) and a few surfers, which you don't get to see here and they are not often out there because our waves are tiny, tiny ... click to enlarge.

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  1. i never get tired of watching sunsets and sunrises, even in the city... The colours, the majesty.... always takes my breath away and calms me. It also humbles me with the simple and breathaking beauty... My best memories are those of when I was in Goa & took walks along the beach which is just a 3-5 miutes away from our home...

  2. Watching sunsets or sunrises is one of my favourites during holidays ! The most beautiful I ever watched was in the desert on a back of a camel named Rocco ! But in Egypt from our Hotel room it's also beautiful each time.
    I noticed this morning that Blogger gave up the word "Beta" and calls himself "New" now, but I also heard that they were bought by Google (that's why you must have a Google account) but I still wait, it's all too new ! I let the waves settle down first before I jump in the water !

  3. BEAUTIFUL picture Mar...You know I love sunsets and what I love about this one is that it is over The be able to get the sun as it is actually disappearing on the Horizon with the water moving...Gorgeous, my dear...really GORGEOUS!

  4. I cannot think of anything that is more beautiful to me than a sunset...I never get tired of seeing them...absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful!!! That sun is as bright in the picture as it was going down! Nearly blinding! Amazing that that comes through in the photo! Don't you think?

    You know... I have never played a radio game again since the day I won! I figure that was my time - and now it's other people's turn... but the kids get on me allllll the time telling me I SHOULD play again! LOL!

  6. sunsets are my favorite, too!

    And I've voted so much I think Lifecruiser and Ms. Wings may become president. :)

  7. greetings! long time no visit!

    Michele sent me today.

    What a beautiful photograph, serene. I never seem to be able to get a shot like this to come out! nice work.

  8. What a beautiful sunset! I love watching the sunsets. We have some beautiful ones in Hawai'i too.

  9. the pet snake was really my brothers, but it was either get over the fear or sleep with the snake. So I got over it. Besides this snake was an easy one to get used to...nice personality.
    My cousin's aunt was all freaked out by the snake but by the time we were ready to leave she had to be convinced to let us have the snake back.

    Nice sunset! Ours get hidden by the mountains.

  10. re: trantulas...they sell them as pets here in the US and we have a Butterfly Pavillion where you can hold one. They're very docile.

  11. I'm just looking forward to a day when the sun is up long enough for a sunset like that *scowls because she went to work and came home in the dark today*

  12. Wow, that is a gorgeous photo of a beautiful sunset!

    I love how each one is different adn that they change while you watch them.

  13. Still beautiful Mar...
    Are you off to Germany to Ski? Or some other exotic place, my dear?

  14. Beautiful sunset Mar!

    I already did my daily vote for LC so I sauntered over to vote for Wendy Wings ~ that's a bizarmundo (but fun!) thing goin' on there! lol

  15. WHY are you tempting me like this with beautiful sunset pics from the beach? You're TORTURE me...

    I can even feel the sea air!

    It's your fault now if I escape from home and they have to seek for me over the whole world ;-)

  16. What a beautiful sunset. I love watching them too. I think sunsets are very captivating to watch.



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