Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I love Barcelona [1] and first poll

This is the Casa Batllo, one of Barcelonas' most remarkable buildings and the first one I see when I come out of the train station whenever I go downtown Barcelona . I happen to have a postcard, a postcard of a drawing and a pic of it. And -finally - my big chance for a poll right here! no trick or treating, just a poll :) Which I can't manage to get straight, bear with me , I will keep trying just don't stop voting!

which one is your favorite image?

the postcard
the drawing
the pic
I can't decide
I don't have time for this, I am off to a Halloween party

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and happy casting call at Miss Wings' !!


  1. I chose the pic...I liked the postcard though...

    It's kinda weird that no one chose the postcard...

  2. Did you do this drawing ?? If yes then bravo ! Very good !

    If ever you want to know more about Turkey I published yesterday pictures and comments of all what I have seen in


  3. I LOVE the picture..But, the first image is rather satisfying, too....BUT, my favorite is the third picture!!!! (I seem to recall seeing this on your blog some time ago...am I right?)

  4. Gaudi was pure genius! And all 3 images depict that so well. We went by the Casa Batllo in the summer of 2004, but it was the tourist season and we thought it was too crowded to really enjoy it. So we will have to go back....

  5. Happy Halloween Mar!

    I loved all of the pictures but my favourite was the photograph...and I voted!! :)

  6. I picked the pic because you can really see the detail (painting?) on the building - it's beautiful! I'm actually here from Wendy's but I would have been here anyway! :)

  7. i like the drawing and your pic. What a neat design for a building!

  8. ­ ­I chose the pic! Gives a great angle of the building and lets you see the beautiful architecture!

  9. Okay! Okay! I voted! Sheeesh.... I like them ALL ... but I do like the postcard best I think... not from an artistic standpoint -- that would be the photo -- but just for "showing" the building -- to someone who's never seen it before!


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