Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tagged 3 times

Write ten words beginning with the letter you’ve been given. Include an explanation of what each word means to you and why. If you want to play, ask for a letter in comments. I’ll issue you a letter.
eph2810 gave me the letter S. Here we go! in no particular order:

1. Spanish: my mother tongue.
2. Spain: is where I am, I wasn't born here, though.
3. Spouse: the one and only
4. Son: the one and only
5. Siblings: younger brother and younger sister, both very far away, and away from each other as well.
6. Skiing: the one and only sport we (still) practice as a family.
7. Seven: my lucky number. I was born on October 7. Mark your calendar, there will be a blog party!
8. Sunglasses: never leave home without them on. See nr. 2: sunny Spain!
9. Sparkling wine: my favorite drink. I 'd rather have a classic glass of wine as opposed to a cocktail
10. Salud! the Spanish word for health (which we all need) but also for cheers! Very important word to know :-)

Tagged from the UK by Le Laquet with Fives:

5 things in my refrigerator
- diet coke
- milk
- yoghurt
- cheese ( and cottage cheese!)
- Wine/champagne/beer

5 things in my closet
- clothes
- shoes
- purses
- accessoires
- my bathrobe

5 things in my purse
- cell phone
- wallet
- glasses
- lipstick
- kleenex

Ladies first, now it is rashbre's turn:

01. I am a typical Libra
02. I want happiness
03. I wish I had a couple millions of euros in my bank account
04. I hate beer
05. I love my boys :)
06. I fear poor health when I am old(er)
07. I hear what I want to hear
08. I wonder why
09. I regret... very, very few things
10 . I am not patient
11 . I dance when I am happy
12, I sing out loud while driving my car
13. I cry very easily
14. I make things happen
15. I write better in my own language - Spanish
16. I confuse myself with strange posts...
17. I need more time
18. I should be on vacation
19. I start my mornings with a cup of coffee
20. I finish my tags!!!
21. I tag YOU if you want to play along!!
Update: " Yes folks it is the once a month casting call. "Wendy's Whimsies is calling your name ! AND there are fine cookies plus a vegetable platter as well. Don't miss the fun!


  1. WOW! That's a long series, Mar. Good to get to know you better.
    Michele sent me today, but you know I am here often.

  2. Great Great Lists, Mar! That first one seems to be very popular thesec days...and the second one too...I see them almost everywhere I go...!
    I think you do soooo well in English that one would not know it is NOT your first launguage, or 'mother tongue', as they say....Amazing, my dear.
    You have very healthy things in your refridgerator...aside from the diet coke, of course.(lol)
    And Michele sent me this A.M. but I'm here all the time, as you know.

  3. Michele sent me.
    I need more time too. Have a mug that reads: God put me on this earth to do a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind, I will never die.

  4. so much info in a single post. :) guess what? i start my mornings with a cup of coffee too! Ha, but i betcha that you knew that. Love sparkling wine as well (can't go wrong with Mateus rosé).
    btw, i meant to say that i wanted a estancia near Concepción, Chile ;) tsch, Argentina... who wants the pampas when you can have it all from Tierra del Fuego to the Atacama desert?
    Now i need to go read your 3 memes again.

  5. Wow! You get tagged a lot. I always start my mornings with tea. I never have developed a taste for coffee...

  6. WOW - you did them all!!!


    well done, sweetie!


  7. Hey girl - first of all thank you for playing - didn't know your mother tongue is spanish :) - really, I didn't. I am sure that I can't write any better in German any more - Should try it sometimes. Maybe I should start a German blog - yeah right.
    The other memes were great too - great answers - I have done those too at one point :).
    Have a great week :)

  8. Well done on your 3 Meme's! Good answers.
    Have a safe and happy weekend.

  9. Well done on finishing all the tags :)

  10. I adore your patience for doing such long lists.

  11. I just happened on your sound like a lot of fun and interesting. It is hard to find blogs you want to actually come back to. I will come back and see what you are up from time to time.



  12. You are so very brave to do your lists all at once like would give me a headache.

    You did a great job. I would hate to answer the five things in my is so filled I just wouldn't know where to begin my

    Take care,

  13. Wow, the meme queen lives. Great job on all of them.

  14. Oooops, you just reminded me of the fact that I have been tagged 2 times and not done them yet... *cough*

    Well, we have one big thing in common: I love sparkling wine or champagne. And say Dom Perignon and I'll die....

    Oh, and I'm a Libra too, we're good aren't we... *lol*

  15. I love reading these meme's, it just let's us get to know you even better!!

    I'm just catching up with my friends after my busy week!

  16. Thank you Mar...for another visit via Michele...Always lovely to see you...BTW: I love that thing you have inyour profile about your birthday...that is so wonderful.
    I have a birthday coming up on June 27th and would love to have something like that on my blog itself...but of course I wouldn't know how to put that in there!!! You are amazing that you know how to do all this...Brava My Dear Mar!

  17. OK, first of all I was supposed to tell you that "Wendy directed me here today"

    Second, wow, what a list. I've seen all of these memes and done a couple of them. I'll take a letter, I haven't done that one yet!

  18. Mar..I cannot get on my email! (UGH) But, I figured it out!!! Hooray! And I went to the ticker link and actually made up a whole new one for it is now in My Profile!
    Hugs To You!

  19. '1. Spanish: my mother tongue.'

    You know, when Aginoth told me your first language was Spanish, I nearly fell over....

    Thank you, my darling Mar, for doing the whole thing in English - think how much wonderful fun we would've missed out on if you'd done your blog in Spanish! :-)

    Wendy directed me here this time!


  20. Junebugg - thanks for playing! left you a comment, you get the letter C
    OOLOH - I am so glad you like your ticker!
    CQ - thanks for your words. See, I wouldn't have reached all the nice people commenting here otherwise :)

  21. I love wine and I LOVE diet coke!

  22. LOL- you got hit up for them all!! Great job. :)

  23. Dearest Mar,
    Please come by mine bloggie. You am one of the "Select humans" I refer to! :)

  24. This is the only way to do a meme. All at one time! I too prefer wine! And I dance when the music commands me! have a great day!

  25. dear sis... "funtastic" job!
    it's amazing but I'm getting addicted to your blog, I read you everyday (just a kind of sudoku!)
    hugs and kisses from lil sis X

  26. Wow, you've sure been over-run with being tagged! Great answers to all!

  27. Wow! I feel like I know you after all that! Looks like a fun game!

    Wendy sent me on over to check out the fun!

  28. I ate all the brownies, I think....

    Nice to see your lil sis visiting :-)

    Is there going to be a Mar Jnr blog to visit, I wonder.....??

    just popping in to say hello, sweetheart - no one sent me and there is no real reason...just visiting :-)


  29. Mar - I'm tagging you with, no, just kidding.

    I enjoyed learning new things about you.

    BTW - In your profile you mention a unique joint vewnture, what is that about?

  30. Hi Mar...
    Wendy sent me back! (lol) I cannot thank you enough for your help with the Birthday Ticker....I LOVE IT! Hope you are having a good night, my dear....It is night there isn't it?

  31. Hey over here from Wendy's auditions...

    Love the list, it is a neat idea!!

  32. I really enjoyed reading your Memes. We both have: one child,a younger brother and younger sister,seven as a lucky number,cheers-my favorite greeting and hate beer.

    Happy Wednesday!!!

  33. check out the rumors being said about you at Daisy's Log.

  34. Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.


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